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Games: Grow Island

October 3rd, 2007

Yippeee! I’ve just tripped over another of the “Grow” family of games. Grow Island is basically a game where you’ve got to grow an island (simple eh! 😀 ), by selecting what items to concentrate on improving first. Sort of like a simple sim-city.

It took me a dozen games to work out the winning combination which was:
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Games: Grow

May 17th, 2004

GrowOk, by looks of things in Grow from Eyezmaze you are meant to “grow” your own little planet by adding certain items in a certain order so they trigger events…

Easy? Except you’ve got to work out the order that things trigger other things and if you don’t have an item at a certain level then things go wrong… I’ve managed to get a score of 12,300 (that’s everything at ‘Max Level’ apart from the ladder – level 1 – and the cube – level 9). Can anybody do better?

A few clues follow:
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