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  • Techy/Old posts: What is FTP?

    This post was originally published, commercially, in “Archive Magazine” Volume 13/Issue 9 (June 2000) pages 45-47. This article was written for publication by Archive Magazine in response to a request by the editor for an article covering FTP. What Is FTP? Richard Chiswell A few years ago (around the time of the BBC Micros), the […]

  • Y2k Tech: RISC OS: Old software

    Here’s some old software I wrote and release for RISC OS back in 2000. All software requires RISC OS3+ and 1Mb+ RAM. They have NOT been tested since 2000 (so compatibility with StrongARM, RaspberryPi machines etc is uncertain). They will not run (except under RISC OS emulation) on Windows, Linux, Mac machines etc. A very […]

  • RISC OS: Paul Vigay found dead

    I don’t normally make postings like this, but I feel I have got to pass on the news to any old ex-RISC OS users (or any current ones) who haven’t heard the sad news yet. Paul Vigay, ex-Micronet 800 editor, researcher on Signs, general crop-circle expert, founder of Orpheus Internet, UFO expert, founder of Digital […]