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RISC OS: Paul Vigay found dead

I don’t normally make postings like this, but I feel I have got to pass on the news to any old ex-RISC OS users (or any current ones) who haven’t heard the sad news yet.

Paul Vigay, ex-Micronet 800 editor, researcher on Signs, general crop-circle expert, founder of Orpheus Internet, UFO expert, founder of Digital Phenomena, founder of RISC, general privacy expert, all around helpful good chap, and last, but not least, husband to Louie, has been unfortunately found dead at the age of 44 in Southsea in Hampshire and will be missed by a large number of people (including myself) who have been in contact with him one way or another. The death is not being reported as suspicious (BBC News).

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  1. Mike Newark Mike Newark

    Paul was one of those people who would make time for anyone, and talk to me a computer novice explaining the very basics in a warm manner, without looking down at you.He was a friend down the years in crop circle research, and a whole host of other subjects close to me, Paul seemed to have all sorts of interests and knowledge about many things.I know we have all lost a friend here, a special friend who will take some replacing, he was a gem.

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