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Books: Big order

Well, I’ve just some of my Christmas Shopping on and it’s come to quite a bit! I’ve brought some of the stuff for myself (hey, I deserve to be treated 🙂 ), but…!

12 items at a total cost of £134.54! Wow!


  1. Sybil Crawford Sybil Crawford

    I am not happy with AMAZON a year ago I ordered Brideshead Revisited 1981 and it came in the DVC format which is not compatible with North American videos-I returned it and received what I thought was a VHS but to my dismay it was still in the DVC format- so I returned it once more with no response from many Canadian dollars later I am still without BRIDESHEAD- Any suggestions? Sybil Crawford

  2. You probably received the PAL (UK) format instead of the NTSC (USA/Canada) format: which I would expect if you were ordering from a UK store!

    Amazon Canada also has Brideshead Revisited to order – – so does amazoncom:B000067D29 .

    I can’t really offer advice on the problem you are having with Amazon responding to your emails though.

  3. Sybil Crawford Sybil Crawford

    Re my former letter about Brideshead Revisited I wish to say that since then I have been fully reimbursed for the videos plus postage involved – I am most grateful to for their attention in this matter Sybil Crawford

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