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November 22nd, 2002 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

[Weeble from Weeble+Bob]Wow! It seems Weeble and Bob (that I blogged about on the 16th) have made it to the “small screen”! Yep, MTV:UK are showing it as 5 minute shows late at night as Wobble and Bob! Why the name change? Because Hasbro own the trademark to the name “Weeble(s)” (an “egg-shaped” toy that rocks back and forth, just like a certain cartoon character that’s now on TV).

See also: TV: Wobble and Bob II.

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  1. Beth says:


  2. Seb says:

    best cartoon ever

  3. jim bob says:

    y r u playing in my wee wee?

    if i catch a fish i’m goona make a fish pie

  4. jim bob says:

    i just went on to and cannot find the episode where they go fishing in the wee wee but i saw it on mtv the other nite where else can i watch episodes?

  5. lea says:

    we fink that wobble and bob are gr8 and we like pie too dude! so keep showing the programme, it is like a mini jackass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Lea says:

    hey wobbl and bob are so funny and if u stop puttin them on mtv then there aint gonna be alot of viewers left, jog on we r eatin da pie, luv Lea, Chaz and Gem!!!!!!!!!!!!!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  7. Nixxer says:

    Weebl & Bob and Wobbl & Bob are two different shows that are created by the same artist. The characters are the same except for Weebl however, who was renamed Wobbl purely for MTV due to copyright reasons. The episodes shown on MTV are currently licensed to them so they will not appear on the the Weebl website until this expires. Just thought I’d clear some things up 😉

  8. laura holmes says:

    you mite be laughing but ive got the pie! ahh no its an angry squid lol
    its ok bob im wearing a condom lol
    wobble n bob r the best eva

    **Laura n Sarah ** the two biggest fans

  9. claire and lauren says:

    we loooovvvvee wobbl and bob, dey rock dude!!!!
    if mtv gets rid of it den we will nots like dem no mores.

  10. Rich says:


  11. Misha says:

    Wobbl & Bob kick ass!!!

  12. Shushden says:

    wobble and bob is -!

  13. WOBBLE AND BOB RULE! says:

    what happened??? its not on at 9:55 aymore 🙁

  14. WOBBLE AND BOB RULE! says:

    i want it back!
    they are so funny that i fall on he ground with a heart attack!

  15. andy says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm pie!!!

  16. andy says:

    the monkey rules cuz he can go any where

  17. Woobl says:

    LE TARTES!!!

  18. Woobl says:

    i saw it once on at 4:55

  19. mick says:


  20. frontier219 says:

    Wobbl and Bob is actually weebl and bob, that is original, and is the url

    oh, and PIE!

  21. Richy C. says:

    frontier219: Check the actual post – I did make reference to the official site for Weeble and Bob. I was a fan of theirs before they even became “Wobbl and Bob”!

  22. jim bob says:

    lo bob

    woobl and bob rulz (apart from the france ones)

    EVERY! LOVES PIE!!!! PIE!!!!PIE!!!

  23. Claire Guff says:

    hey…was watching MTV lastnite and they appeared…I was amazeddddddd….coz 3 months ago I made a ‘pie religion’ lol go to my website and join up….LOVE THE PIESSSSS!

  24. i like 2 dance an hide things says:

    ahhh i miss it, y wont they show it!!!!! “w*nker” “what u say bob?”

  25. EasyTiger says:

    It’s wobbl and weebl :oP Not wobble and weeble!

    Anyway, I met the man himself and other great peeps from the forums, and they rock just as much as the cartoon ;o)

  26. Amy says:

    Wobbl and Bob are great! Me and my mum, whose 45, sit and watch it EVERY night! But it’s not showing on MTV anymore and we’re really pissed off. I don’t suppose you guys know if it’s going to be back on? Love Amy and her Mum xxxxx

  27. luke white says:

    how comes i cant see the monkey video of weeble and bob that was on the osbournes cd if i can get on it how?
    i think your shows are the best

  28. Audio Outcast says:

    I WANT THE MONKEY!!!!! Monkey, if you can go anywhere, why aren’t you on mtv?? AND i cant find it on the net anywhere! Anyone who knows where i can find it-email me! You’ll get a pie. A cherry pie! On second thoughts, i’ll have the pie, you look. Maybe you can have the soggy bit at the bottom. ‘Ay up, here’s my mexican stripper, Kevin. I mean, um, kelly. Oh dear…

  29. Audio Outcast says:

    jim bob, prepare to die! the ones in france are the funniest ones! with kevin (i mean, er, kelly.), and angry pierre, and that cool turtle, and the oringina, and the boogying, and the drunkenness of bob!! its hillarious! WATCH AND LEARN JIM BOB! WATCH AND LEARN!

  30. rich owen says:

    i think the weebl and bob skecth of ff7 was great. but u neva seem to find out wat pie they like

  31. Lea, Chaz, Gem says:

    y haz mtv stopped showin’ da pi lovin’ bredwins we luv dem sooo much.

  32. Lea, Chaz, Gem 'N' Em says:

    y have u stopp’d showin wobbl ‘n’ bob (da pie lovin bredwins)WHATAGWARN!!!! Cun on put em bck on da telly! WHATEVER IS YA LIKE? pie rulz bring it back or else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wobbl ‘n’ bob r no. #1.

  33. Chaz says:

    Mu Mu Mu Mu Monkey…

  34. Matt says:

    Has anyone found where i can download the episode with the monkey who can go “here, here and here”?
    It was on MTV2 last Tuesday/Thursday at 2PM

  35. icarus says:

    WOBBLE N BOB!!! THE BEST! Anywhere you can download episodes?

  36. xina says:

    wobbl and bob are boring, thay are not funny…just pathetic and take up too much time…how drawn out do these things need to be?ghrrrr

  37. Willy says:

    wobbl n bob kick ass mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…pie

  38. "A guy who is too fabulous for his own dam good!" says:

    Wobbl & Bob Rock! I want MTV:2 to start listing the showing times! They are so worth it!
    is there a site where can i download episodes?
    I know a wobbl & bob freak &
    she looks abit like Bob!

  39. Stewie Griffin says:

    Wobbl and Bob is class. I need to know if I can download episodes. Anyone know? Are they gonna be on DVD soon?

    Stewie Griffin
    Your uppance will come!

  40. Kyle says:

    wobbl an bob RULE, u should make it in2 a twenty-minute show

  41. Wobbls Wife says:

    lo Bob
    Bob u tell bubble boy there no germs out here

  42. mini me says:

    weebl and bob is the best. they should dedicate a whole channel to it, blaaaaaaaaa
    i like pie, mwha ha ha ha.

  43. Benj says:

    where can i see the episodes free???

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