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*sigh* It’s been ages since I’ve played the Java Insaniquarium Fishtank game. Basically, in the game (written by those folks at “Flying Bear Entertainment”) you’ve just got to feed your fishes and get them to grow up. Once they reach a certain size, they start dropping money which you can use to buy more food, buy more guppies or buy egg-shells (once you’ve got 3 pieces of egg-shell you move onto the next level). Sounds simple – but once you get onto the harder levels and you’ve got around 15 guppies, 5 carnivores, various star catchers and then 2 damn aliens come along – things begin to get slightly tricky…

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  1. Ok so I got the main part of this game done and now i am to the part with the metal alien and all his missiles how the hell do you beat that guy? PLEASE HELP I LOVE THIS GAME I NEED TO KNOW!!!!

  2. as you fight him when he is about to fire, shoot the missles. they take one hit, then go back to the alien can get in several hits before he is ready to fire again…repeat till death…of the alien not you

  3. HELP!! i’ve gotten to level 2-3 and there’s this alien who can’t be killed by lasers…so how do i kill him?? it’s driving me crazy, please respond!!

  4. First you have to buy a starpotion. Then drop it on top of an BIG guppy (small ones will be killed by the potion).
    The fish turns yellow and will drop STARS!!
    Buy a starcatcher……and it will ‘eat’ the stars! Make sure there are enough ‘yellow’ fishes to feed the starcatcher!

    Have fun!

  5. Maybe someone can help me with the ‘robot-alien’ with the missiles. Gracie and Jenny already posted a comment about this, but i don’t understand the answer Jenny gave.


  6. Please someone help me!!!i’m on level 1-4 and i’m stuck how much money do you need for the egg peices to appear?Anyone?????

  7. Once i hav up to 3 tanks to choose from, which tank do i need to play in order to unlock another tank? Do i play the tank with a small trophy at the corner or do i play a different tank?

  8. When you come up to the alien with the missiles, use the whale untill you get the hang of it, the whale will save all your lil and mid fishes from getting shot. To kill the Alian just shoot him, and when he shoots his missiles, shoot the missiles before they get to your fish.

    Have fun

  9. how much money or big fish do you need for you to be able to buy the egg pieces because they wint show up in the area where i can buy them so i cant get past level 1-3

  10. how much money or big fish do you need for you to be able to buy the egg pieces because they wint show up in the area where i can buy them so i cant get past level 1-3

  11. i play this game non-stop!it is-by far- the most exciting game in the whole world. it’s not one of those freakin shooting games where everyones like: “bamb bamb–i hate you so DIE” and then once that person gets shot, you see all of the blood and guts on the screen. GROSS! that is definitly not my kind of game

  12. You have to buy a star potion to advance (and buy egg pieces), the same way you had to buy a carnivore in level one. If you have Wadsworth he will protect the fish for you by “eating” the small and meduim fish. I always buy a couple of guppies before the alien comes so they are safe. Then you need to shoot the robots missiles before they hit your targeted fish. Rufus and Itchy are also good helpers because they will hit the robot as well.

  13. I am trying to play this game on a Mac, OS 9.2 with Microsoft Explorer, but the game won’t load. Any suggestions?

  14. “i’ve noticed that some fish turn blue and begin to drop diamonds. how does that happen?”

    I need time. I know that they turn blue when a normal fish survives for a long time. But how long does it have to survive? I’m playing in Bonification right now and I don’t know.

    Dang, all this comments are from 2004.
    That surely freaks me out.

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