Techy: Cheap Int’l Phone Calls

[Red Phone Box]I’ve just investigated the costs of calling my Nigerian spammer friend Jerry Duruibe, but BT charge 62p per minute for calling Nigeria (even though they do provide some useful information if you are calling abroad). It’s still cheaper than NTL‘s 75p per minute tariff!

The normal international call-saver number I use – KomTel’s 0871 871 8989 (which I got via The Register) – won’t work as Nigeria isn’t one of the covered countries (a similar international call saving service is available on 0871 871 9971, 0871 871 0610 and 0871 871 2929 by the way: but they all seem to be cover the same countries). The cheapest “alternative-supplier” I’ve managed to find so far is Alpha Telecom (10p per minute to Nigeria/Lagos), but that isn’t a “pay-as-you-go” service which I’m hunting for (you’ve got to “pay-in-advance” either via credit card or pre-paid phone card).

It looks like, if I’m going to call Jerry then C2000 Ltd or Go Talk would be cheapest at 29p per minute… I’ll think about it though.

[Thanks to Joel Feinstein‘s list which assisted in my research]

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