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Blogging: 300th Post

[300th Blog Post!]Yippeee! Post 300 AND the “end of month” summary time: what a co-incidence!

Ok, ok – for the past few weeks, I’ve been blogging like made to try and make the two correspond – and it seems to have had a side affect of launching “Guess That Movie” which I’m “spinning off” onto it’s new website when I get time. In fact, to give myself time to do all that coding (database design is mocked up, some of the data is imported, and a brief website design has been completed) – I’m going to be “absent from blog land” until Monday.

Yep – no more posts from me after this one until sometime Monday (3rd February) morning.

Oddly enough, when I passed the 200th blog entry mark it was snowing – and as I’m just passing the 300th mark now – it’s decided to snow again!

Anyway – on with the stats.

During January I had a total of 92,154 hits (up from 58,539 last month) or 10,999 visits (up from 7,395) – that averages out at 2,972 hits/354 visits a day (up from 1,881 and 238 last month). This month has seen a whopping 979,108Kb of traffic to the 299 entries and 246 comments (up from 670,540Kb traffic to 175entries and 47 comments last month).

The following stats do not include articles/entries when they are displayed on the front page.

Most popular pages

Entry Name Hits Bandwidth usage Last month
Total Change % Total Change % Entry Name Hits
1:Wobble And Bob 831 +728 0.90% 22,740Kb +20,879Kb 2.32% Mystery of Time And Space 983
2:Original Mystery of Time And Space Solution 608 -375 0.66% 22,527Kb -4,548Kb 2.30% MT RefSearch 391
3:Mystery of Time And Space: Solution Part 1 508 -new- 0.55% 170,26Kb -new- 1.74% Pick On George Bush 346
4:Mystery of Time And Space: Solution Part 2 449 -new- 0.49% 166,37Kb -new- 1.70% Worlds AIDS Day 254
5:Nicknames for Male Genitalia 329 +75 0.36% 23,564Kb +8,298Kb 1.70% -same- 221

Yahoo goes to the top of my referral chart with 92,154 visits from there (compared to just 626 last month), Google with its 4,880 referrals (compared to last months 2,864) got knocked down into second place. 158 people found my site via Technorati (up from 117), then it was with 126 visitors and then Blogdex with 124 visitors. On the blogging related front: 72 people also found my site from the front page of, 43 from Gamers Nook, 40 from a entry on Randy Rathbun and then came Neil with 38 visits.

Popular Search Terms

Search keyword Visitors Percentage Rank
1:wobble and bob 299 8.58% TOP of 28,000
2:mystery of time and space walkthrough 229 6.58% TOP of 30
3:fly the copter 96 2.76% 8th of 14,800
4:richy 93 2.67% TOP of 49,000
5:mystery of time and space 88 2.52% 3rd of 960,000
6:wobble and bob mtv 69 1.98% TOP of 1,290
7:harry potter nude 40 1.15% 6th of 37,400
8:weeble and bob 38 1.09% 6th of 1,090
9:michael jackson baby drop 36 1.03% Not in top 100 of 71,700 🙁
10:insaniquarium 69 1.98% 12th of 3,270

I’ll have to see if I can automate those lists by next month – there are quite a few “similar” search terms which should really be counted as the same thing.

Most unusual search terms? “yasser crackafat” (8th out of 22 in Google), “villaroel lisa” (3rd out of 223), ware to find a slurpee machine (7th out of 23), “udate prison boss affair” (no matches on Google) and “the order-of-the-phoenix leaked copy” (which actually linked to my write up of the “Google Dance”).

I currently have 16 categories set up with the following post count: “Net: Games” (33), “Life: Personal” (32), “Snippet” (29), “Net: Jokes” (27), “Net: Fun” (24), “Guess That Movie” and “Net: Blogging” (20), “Net: General” (16), “Life: Work And Techy” (15), “Life: News Commentry” + “Net: Spam” (13), “Life: TV and Movies” + “Net: ODP Life” + “Net: Polls” (11), “Net: Weird” (10), “Net: Memes” (9) and “Life: Books” (8).

My “busiest blogging week” was the 10-Nov-02 to 16-Nov-02 week with 40 posts, but the19-Jan-03 to 25-Jan-03 (last week) with 34 posts was quite close behind.


  1. Websites are like that. You start off with 1 and then you either branch off or a good idea comes and you start your 2nd one. Then the cycle keeps going……

    Better be careful what you wish for 🙂

  2. Don’t I know it. 5 years ago I was happy with my ISP’s subdomain, less than 2Mb of bandwidth a month and around 500k storage…

    I’ve now got around 8 domain names, 4 operating sites, consume more than 4Gb of bandwidth a week and need around 200Mb storage… And it keeps growing – the new “Guess That Movie” site is already eating up an additional 300Mb on my home machine 🙁

  3. Bah, you’re overtaking me – I’ve only just passed 300 entries and I’ve been blogging longer than you have :(.

  4. Stats Time Again

    Although I forgot to do them last month, I’ll do what I did at the end of November and go through my stats. During November

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