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Fun: Splish Splash, I was…

[Splish Splash]Yep, I finally got board of F— her Gently and Kikkoman and started hunting for a new Macromedia Flash animation to entertain me.

Luckily, I’m easily amused 😀 and this little animation caught my eye.

Gruntin’ n Dumpin Lil’ Dumplin’ is a little baby in a bath singing a variation of Bobby Darin’s “Splish Splash” song [Order from] amazoncom:B000002LV4 : you know the one –

Splish Splash, I was taking a bath
Long about a Saturday night
A rub-a-dub, just relaxing in the tub
Thinking everything was all right…

But for the little baby, everything isn’t alright…

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  1. petracolledge petracolledge

    Hiya let me know if u got this ‘splishsplashbaby’ email card. I’ve tried to forward it,but dont know if I’ve done it right. Cheers Petra

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