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Guess That Movie: XLIV: American Pie 2

[Guess That Movie Round 44]Cool, it looks like Guess That Movie has attracted a couple of new competitors (who probably came here looking for cacheremote – the blog roll cache system, or MT-RefSearch), but it doesn’t matter where they came from as long as they stay and have fun.

In fact, round 43 (and, yep, I’ve fixed the problems with the roman numerals now) had 3 new guessers: I can’t remember Ciaran entering before (although he has commented on a few posts), Jay is a new contestant – but he was just beaten to the correct answer of X-Men [Order from] amazoncom:B00003CX8J by new contestant “NetRngr”. Congratulations!

I’ll just go over the basis of Guess That Movie for all the new comers: Guess That Movie is a little quiz/competition where you have simply got to guess which movie the screen shot comes from: Each image starts off being worth 100 points. 12 hours after posting it loses 10 points and then it loses another 10 every 24 hours (for example, after the 24th hour it only worth 80 points, after 48hours 70 points…) Every incorrect guess for an image reduces its value by 5 points (so 3 incorrect guesses will remove 15 points from that images value). Once you’ve got over 500 points, you’ll then (at the end of that “batch” of nine images) be offered a prize in the form of an Amazon gift certificate at a rate of 1point=1pence sterling (so 500 points would equal a £5 voucher which could be worth around $7.82 US dollars) – not bad for free entry and a bit of fun is it?

Anyway, to help you get going – here’s image number 44. Just leave a comment with your name, email address (it’s hidden from the spambots so don’t worry!) and your guess and I’ll let you know whether or not you managed to correctly Guess That Movie!

Good luck!

Oh – I normally also have a “no points available, but see if you can guess this children’s TV show theme tune” extra section, but since it’s ten minutes past midnight, I really want to just get to bed.
A: American Pie 2 [Order from] amazoncom:B00003CY6D . Correctly guessed by SithAngel


  1. Jay Jay

    Thelma and Louise? (I am SO wrong with this one, I think) Oh… and thanks for posting cacheremote. Anything that helps the frames of the blogging world could help (knowing how so many sites reference blogrolling for building their own neighborhoods and stuff).

  2. SithAngel SithAngel

    American Pie 2?

  3. lily lily

    I think its from American Pie 2.

  4. Well done SithAngel – it was American Pie 2 (the two “lesbians”). Next image in 2-4 hours time…

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