News: Mwahhh! We’re back!

April 19th, 2003 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

Leicester City Football Club Motif/LogoYes!!! After a year stuck in Division One where we had to combine celebrating a new stadium with the football club going into administration, Leicester City Football Club are heading back to the Premiership League!

After our 2-0 win over Brighton (making it our 15th unbeaten game in a row), we have now been promoted back to the Premiership where we belong and the remaining three games against Sheffield United (who are just behind us at the moment in the league), Norwich (8th) and a strange team called Wolverhampton Wanders (Wolves: currently in 6th place) are just formalities – although we will try and continue to beat Portsmouth for the title of Division One Championship (we are currently 2 points behind them but have a game in hand).

To think, this time last year when Leicester was relegated (just for the one season), my boss (now ex-boss) was soo confident that we’ll stay down and his club – Wolves – would be promoted (as they were in the playoffs this time last year). Alas, it appears that Leicester City have got what it takes and poor Wolves are destined for another year playing Nationwide Football League in Division One.

One word: Mwahhhh! 😀

Nigel is celebrating, and I might even go out into Leicester tonight and do a bit of celebrating myself! Well done the Foxes!!!

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  1. Antgrad says:

    I didn’t know you were a footy fan, Richy. Congrats on the promotion. I remember ours two years ago, it was great. It’s the staying there that matters and we seem to have got the hang of it. I also remember our promotion that got us into the first season of the Premier League. Who did we beat again in the play-off final at Wembley? The Speedie alleged dive for the penalty? Nope. Slipped my mind….:)

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