Guess That Movie: LII: Loser

April 19th, 2003 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

Guess That Movie 52Kymberlie managed to only gain 95 points for round 51 as ph33r_m3 incorrectly guessed the movie “Barb Wire” by just 17 seconds before Kymberlie’s correct guess.

The screen shot was taken from a movie I hadn’t really watched before, but when I did lay down and watch it (ahh – the benefits of having a TV capture card and DVD player in a bedroom based computer), I really did enjoy “Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back” amazoncom:B00003CY67 [Order from] . I really like “parody” based movies (hence why there has already been Austin Powers and Spaceballs featured here) and “Jay And Silent Bob” featured many parodies (Planet of The Apres, Charlies Angels, Star Wars, ET, Scream to name just a few of the obvious ones) and good lines such as “Call me Boo-boo-kitty-f*ck!” and “Don’t you recognise me? I’m the pie f*cker!/In prison, you’ll be the pie!”.

It’s a good film if you don’t mind swearing, sexual references, references to drug usage, references to bestiality, references to …. Yep, it can be a quite offence film 🙂

Anyway, now for round 52 – just guess which movie this image has been taken from and leave your details. Here’s a clue: there’s a connection between this movie and Jay And Silent Bob….

No “childrens lyrics” this time – sorry – I’ve got a pussy that needs stroking! And stop thinking smutty thoughts! A pussy cat is what I’m talking about (and have, in fact, pictured for this entry…)
A: Loser amazoncom:B00003CXK7 [Order from] Correctly guessed by Kymberlie R. McGuire (200 points)

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  1. Hmm, can’t you? That’s good to know 😀

    There are two clues in the last two paragraphs of the text if it’s any help (“Here’s a clue: there’s a connection between this movie and Jay And Silent Bob….” and “pussy cat is what I’m talking about (and have, in fact, pictured for this entry…)”) – oh, there’s also a third clue hidden in the text.

    Com’on, don’t let me down! 😀

  2. I’ll take a stab at it – Tomcats?

  3. Rachel says:

    “Silence of the Lambs”

  4. Nope and nope (welcome to Guess That Movie by the way Rachel!)

    I honestly didn’t believe it would be this difficult!

    Here’s a few clues I’ve posted elsewhere:
    * It’s a picture of a cat (to be more exact a new born kitten)
    * There’s a connection to round 51’s Jay And Silent Bob movie (at least one of the actors appears in both movies)
    * There’s another clue mentioned in the text of round 51 (but it’ll be waay too obvious if I were to highlight the 4 words which make up the clue)
    and I’ll give another couple of clues:
    * “If you guess this movie right, you’ll probably be a winner. If not, you’ll be a loser.”
    * Having affairs with your teacher isn’t right, neither is paying a homeless person to answer a phone for you.
    * Deerstalker caps went out of style ages ago – unless your name is Sherlock Holmes.

    Com’on you teenage dirtbags – you should be able to guess this one! 😉

  5. LD says:

    You’ve done it! You’ve stumped us all. 100 points for that + 60 points for the 6 clues. Congratulations.

  6. Richy C. says:

    I’ll tell you what – guess that movie within the next 24 hours and get a total of 200 points! There’s enough clues (and, in fact, the name of the movie itself in the clues!) to be able to guess it IMHO…

  7. Okay – is it Loser (2000) with Jason Biggs?

  8. Damn – you were just waiting for me to award “bonus points” weren’t you? 🙁

    Yep, it was Loser with Jason Biggs and Mena Suvari: basically it’s when Dora (Mena) discovers the little kitten on the floor of the vet surgery and Paul (Jason) and her try and get it out of its membrane and give it to the mother cat (who had left it for dead).

  9. mr. zoz says:

    looks like a bad dentist at work. my guess: marathon man

  10. kate says:

    silence of the lambs

  11. silverfox says:

    the name of the movie is something like dr. frankenstein and its pronounced funny. in that scene the actress asked the ‘doc’ for a role in the hay and kinda sings a little song “role in the hay role in the hay”

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