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Techy: Kilobytes needed

SDRAM memory upgradeWell, it looks like i’m already pushing my new computer to its limits and I need to consider upgrading it’s Kb storage capacity. To think my first computer – a ZX Spectrum – had just 48Kb of RAM which lasted my father and I for 5 years and then my dear old BBC B with its 32Kb of RAM which lasted me over 6years, it makes it seem a bit funny that my new wizz-bang 261,124Kb (or 256Mb if you prefer) machine needs upgrading within a month of its purchase…

And the cost! For a DDR 333 RAM (which I need for my 533Mhz FSB P4 Dell) 512Mb DIMM will cost me a further £87.77 (excluding £9.40 delivery charge) – that’s one tenth of the price of the whole unit I originally purchased!

The price of RAM is bound to go down over time, but can I really put up with the…annoy…ing.. pauses that long?


  1. Nah nah, my RAM is cheaper than your RAM 😉

    (but then I’m using 128MB 133Mhz SODIMMs)

  2. Don’t I know it… Last RAM upgrade I had to purchase was only around £30 for around 256Mb RAM a year ago – but that was the more “common” sort instead of this whizzbang “super fast, we promise” sort… Perhaps I should have checked what sort the Dell took before I ordered it so I could transfer RAM from my old machine (Zaphod).

    Oh well, 512Mb of Kingston KTD4550 is on its way (shortly): 73.14 of my British pounds for the product, 2.95 for shipping and 13.32 for VAT (why is it called ‘Value Added Tax’ anyway – it doesn’t add any value). Total cost: 89.41UKP. Blarg 🙁

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