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Snippet: Blogging Marathon

April 13th, 2003

*snippet* Just a word of warning: There’s a few things I’ve been meaning to blog about recently and I’ve only just got the time now. Therefore, expect a bit of a blogging marathon from me for the next few hours!

If you are here for just the games or the growing in popularity Guess That Movie competition, well, if you wait a couple of hours you’ll have something to entertain you.

Blog: Advertising Policy

April 13th, 2003

The ITV Digital Advertising MonkeyYes, some of you may have noticed the new “sponsored link” at the top of most of the blog pages. I didn’t really want to have to increase the advertising on the site – but considering only a few people have taken up the sidebar advertising offer (500 impressions for just $1, or a minimum of 20 clicks for $0.25 per click), I’ve had to start running the premium adverts (1000 impressions for $3 or a minimum of 50 clicks at $0.50per click: but adverts are cached for 30minutes per time!).

Why the need for adverts at all? Well, whilst I’ve got plenty of disc space, it’s bandwidth that’s causing a few costs – I’m transferring around 2Gb of data per month and that’s quite a lot for a “personal site”. Combined with the other sites I host, it means that I consume too much bandwidth for most hosts and therefore I’ve got to have a dedicated server for myself and they cost lots of money 🙁

Add that to the fact that I’m having to fork out money for the prizes in the Guess That Movie competitions and I’m not getting a lot of returns via the Amazon links (just 4 purchases so far of Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix [Order from] amazoncom:043935806X and that’s it!), means that the blogs costing me quite a bit of cash at the moment… I don’t mind too much, but I don’t want to constantly support it out of my own pocket (along with my time).

Hopefully, the adverts will be unobtrusive and hopefully bring in a few necessary dollar pounds every month, but comments on the adverts would be appreciated (or just buy some ads yourself: they’re really cheap and you’ll get your ad seen by around 660 daily visitors: plus they has been only two purchases for the premium adverts so far, meaning that there aren’t too many sites in rotation at the moment!)

All adverts are handled by TextAds (who accept payment via PayPal) and are included in the source code of the page (so no Javascript includes are required) – go on: help support the blog by buying an advert or making a donation via Pay Pal.

Of course, if somebody makes a generous donation of around £1,000 (which will cover the web hosting for the blog for a year by my reckoning), the adverts will disappear overnight…

Snippet: A few words

April 10th, 2003

Tired… Busy… Fingers crossed.

Movie at 11. Guess That Movie at weekend (in more ways than one).

Explanation later.

Guess That Movie: IL: Hunk

April 7th, 2003

Guess That Movie Round 49Oh – Kymberlie (again) managed to correctly guess the previous image and picked up 40points into the bargain (the 4th lowest amount collected): Guess That Movie 48 was an image of “Sparky” (Canadian actress Karyn Dwyer – see another similar picture for proof) in the movie “Lethal Tender” amazoncom:6304542941 which also starred Carrie-Anne “Trinity from the Matrix” Moss (hence the “Reloaded” and “Revelations” clues I gave out) and Jeff Fahey (who, coincidentally appeared in a 1999 movie also called ‘Revelation’).

Now that’s the little trivia out of the way, I think it’s time for Guess That Movie 49… Dum dum dum…. And in “celebration” of the fact that Kymberlie should have now received her $25.04 gift voucher, I present a snapshot of semi-naked man that I took from the TV for all you women to gawp at: just look at the pecs on him! And it’s been ages since I was last on TV…

Nah – it’s not me (*nods: yes it is!*/*shakes head: nah, not really*/*nods: yeah, it is! 😉 ), but who is it? And, more important, which film is it from? Go on – have a guess.

(Why no blurb? Well, I’m busy watching a movie myself 😉 )
A: Hunk amazoncom:6302874599 [Order from] . Correctly guessed by Kymberlie R. McGuire

Games: Candy Train

April 7th, 2003

Candy TrainEver had a compulsion to be a train driver? How about a driver of a sweetie train (oh, if you are American, a Candy Train)? Yep, well, here’s your chance!. In a style reminiscent of the old Pipemania game, you have just got to flick the squares to join up pieces of the train track to help navigate the little choo-choo around to collect the chew-chews.

Easy? Well, sort of. The tiles/squares do “change” on their own after a while, and sometime it isn’t easy to get the pieces pointing in exactly the right direction you want – and if you crash into the edge of the playzone or don’t run on the tracks the game ends… I’ve managed to get a score of 21,270 so far (it took me 27:54 minutes in “game time” and consisted of me delivering 15 train cars on 3 levels) which equals a “ticket level” of “Business Class”. Now, if only I didn’t have to get all the train cars into that d–n station… I’ll have another go and see if I can do any better…

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