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Blog: Welcome Back!

bloglogo.jpgWell two days later, but still – Welcome back to Richy’s Random Ramblings!

Yep, I’m going to try and make at least one entry every single day of the following month to this blog: at one point, I was blogging at around 5 posts a day – but lately I’ve been “running on dry” and not had much to ramble about: but hopefully things should go a bit more smoothly this month.

What have I been doing with my time the last few days? Mainly playing Blogshares where I am currently the 110th richest player (I made a hefty amount when Bookmoz floated: the shares instantly shot up to somewhere around $27.55 each!) currently with a projected worth of $128,568 ! Wow: I wish that was real money!

I’ve currently brought all available shares in a wide range of blogs: such as the CurryBet one about the BBC Websearch system, OneFineJay (which I’ve been reading for a while but not extensively enough to put on my blogroll yet), the Leicestershire based blogs (Blatherblog, SensitiveLight and in Bookmoz’s rival site Bibliblog (which is run by Kymberlie who is number 200 in the charts at the moment). Only bad choices I think I’ve made recently are ones like Exordium where I’m currently making a loss of over $2k!

Anyway: normal service is being resumed – I’m going to preload the blog database with a few “standby” posts so if I am short of content on anyday, at least I’ll be able to get _something_ live within 4 clicks or so.

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  1. Jay Jay

    Richy, notice how some sell orders are stupendously overpriced? I don’t mind buy orders that are high-priced; hey if you want some you gotta pay for it, right? But sell orders that are double the market price (see Bad Samaritan under blogs)? Really now.

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