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[Sim Theme Park]Drat and double drat: here in the UK we have just had a public holiday (called a “bank holiday” as the banks are closed on what would be a normal trading day) – it’s also called the “May Day Bank Holiday” as it’s on the first Monday after or on May 1st. Anyway, I had the day off work and I planned to get so much done over the extended weekend, but on Saturday I made a mistake.

A big mistake.

I came across a site showing how to get Sim Theme Park World working on Windows XP and 2000 machines. I’ve had Theme Park World for around 2 years now, but never been able to properly play it because of various bugs with Win 2k, but I came across that site: installed the font patch file supplied, set the game to run in Windows 95 compatibility mode and away I went.

I started playing around 4pm on Saturday afternoon: I didn’t leave the computer until 7am on Sunday morning! Yep – practically playing the same game continuously (it did crash a far few times though). I haven’t done that since I got ThemePark for an old Sega Megadrive (in fact, I actually brought the Megadrive from the game as a local store had the game available for £10 and a Megadrive for an extra £20 IIRC).

So, 7.30am on Sunday I went back to sleep, 10am – woke up, played until it crashed again at 11.30am, went back to sleep, 2pm woke up and played it until 8pm…. I didn’t get anything I wanted to do this weekend done in otherwords 🙁 It’s not like I said to my boss I’ll try and get a new site up and running, along with having the GTM site to finish bugtracking and … 🙁

I must delete it from my hard drive or else I’ll never get any work done: but I just love that style of simulation game so much (Lemmings, Theme Hospital, Theme Park – but I’ve never actually got into The Sims though).

Blarg 🙁 Must get next “Guess That Movie” image ready though….

But I’ve just got the “Space Zone” level to complete and and….

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  1. Scott says:

    How does it compare to Rollercoaster Tycoon (1 or 2)? I love RCT…

  2. owen says:

    can u say it plainly how do you get theme park world to work on windows xp as i have tried putting it in compatibility mode and that don’t work so how did you get it to work i just get the screen that says play on the black screen but i don’t get any further than that

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