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Where's Richy?Right, despite rumours to the contrary – I’m not dead yet (sorry Super Beastmaster), unless of course I was never alive and I’m just a figment of your imagination: but that’ll mean you’ve got a very deranged imagination… Oooh goody 😉

Anyway – I’ve been having some time off blogging not really out of choice, but due to time constraints: the servers at work have been playing up something rotten recently (here’s a word of advice: AVOID upgrading to Ensim Pro if you can: the several hours of overtime, weekend working and annoyance when the system crashes for “no apparent reason” is not fun), we’ve got a major redesign of our main search engine placement site about to “go live”, we’ve also got a “do it yourself online promotion” tool about to launch (with the associated fun in actually writing and debugging the bulk of it), I’ve also had a cat to care for, general house work, moving most of our customers to different datacentres (because of the Ensim Pro problems we’ve had to rush to bring 2 more datacentres online: and it was only a fortnight ago that a power transformer blew up at our main facility – luckily all generators and UPSes kicked in on time so customers never even noticed we were without utility power for nearly a week!), trying to burn DVDs (first ensure you have “DVD authoring” software available, then find out that the software shipping with your shiny new Dell PC doesn’t work so you have to buy a magazine with the software on the cover CD, then find out the DVD+Rs you brought, whilst compatible with the drive, just don’t work because of “power calibration” issues), and other little things….

Basically, as soon as I’ve got home (sometimes 3 hours after I was supposed to leave work), I’ve either worked from home to watch the servers or practically gone straight to bed! I’m still knackered (tired), hungry (most nights I’ve been too tired to eat: £80 worth of shopping has nearly lasted Smokey and I a whole month!) but I’ve got to change things: because I’ve been so stressed and busy at work I’ve made little mistakes which aren’t good (not checking a site in Google once it’s been re-optimised – even though Google had problems and had to roll back to an old backup), plus I’ve got my birthday coming up shortly.

Up – I’ll repeat that My 24th birthday is on June 15th: the same day as Father’s Day! I’ve got an Wish List if you want to buy me a present. I’ve heard a rumour from my parents that I might be getting a dishwasher for my birthday (I tend to do washing up on the “I need a plate” basis: I’ve currently got 1 semi-clean plate and a washing up bowl full of dirty ones 🙁 ), going out for a meal and maybe a few other treats but we’ll see.

Anyway, that’s everything nearly summed up. Oh – there’s been a change of staff at work (BRCW has “left”, was replaced by someone else who didn’t work out and now we are getting someone else in, but could still be looking for a “Trainee Search Engine Optimiser” in the near future – especially if I keep making the mistakes I have been 🙁 ), I’ve been proposed to (well, call it an “arranged marriage” – if myself and GESF ‘s flatmate are still single when we are thirty we’re going to marry each other and GESF is going to be my mistress), and SSCW sort of asked me out this afternoon (in a kinda roundabout way: but I think we are both shy so it’s the only way for us) but I think it’s just going to be a “mates go to university and look at degree exhibits” type thing – and finally GESF is going to a singles night tomorrow night: but she’s not “going going”, she’s only helping out….

> And that, Doctor, sums up my life recently.
< Richy, I think we definitely need to get the men in white coats to see you!
> Nooo! Not the butchers!

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    happy birthday – please give me an email as i want to help you with your crush –

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