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  • Fun: Playing Whack-A-Mouse Seventeen Hours A Day

    Yes, I’ve mis-quoted Weird Al’s “Your Horoscope for today”, what ya goin do, sue me? I’m gonna sue sue, yes I’m gonna sue, Sue Sue yeah I might even sue you. Ehm.. Sorry, please don’t sue me even though I had a Weird Al moment there. To distract you – here’s something SHINY! Oooh, shinyness […]

  • Snippet: How To Tell if Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You

    Let’s face it cat owners, we all know the little fur balls are plotting on taking over the world (I blame the Egyptians myself!). When they aren’t asking “I Can has Cheezburger?, they are working out how to get rid of us humans. Lucikly, there’s a list you can work down to try and work […]

  • Fun: Simon’s Cat

    Via Les, we’ve just been having a good laugh at Simon’s Cat – well worth a watch and makes you think “Wait – are you sure that isn’t our cat?” 😀

  • Personal: Cat Must Love Me

    Ahhh, my puss cat must love me. Why else would she bring me a little present when I was relaxing and watching Big Brother last night. What a shame it was a LIVE mouse: but t’was a nice thought. Actually, she walked in the back door – through the kitchen – with the mouse in […]

  • Personal: Where’s Richy?

    Right, despite rumours to the contrary – I’m not dead yet (sorry Super Beastmaster), unless of course I was never alive and I’m just a figment of your imagination: but that’ll mean you’ve got a very deranged imagination… Oooh goody 😉 Anyway – I’ve been having some time off blogging not really out of choice, […]