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Blogging: Free MovableType Templates

Neils WorldCool, it appears the a certain ODP editor has decided to release the Movable Type designed template he uses on his blog as open source to download and use on your own site.

I must admit, for the last few days I’ve been tempted to “borrow” his site design (as it’s quite nice looking) but at least I can do it legally now 😉 I have already purchase some other web site templates to use on various websites, but unlike Mr.T, I’m not a designer. I can manipulate the design, but I just can’t get it to “feel right” to me – it doesn’t really help with Photoshop making “fixed layout” HTML instead of the dynamic flexible type. There’s still a chance they you may find that my blog could start looking like Neil’s 😀


  1. Templates

    Where does one go to find a decent free template these days? Suggestions on a postcard/comment :D…

  2. C. C.

    Is your trackback display working?
    “Other sites mentioning this post: ” <?

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