Guess That Movie: Scores So Far VI

July 25th, 2003 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

Well, another round of images has graced us by, and things have begun to heat a little bit up on the Guess That Movie high score table. Kymberlie is still in the lead (and I now owe her £8.30 worth of Amazon gift vouchers: she’s gained an extra 830 points on top of the 1610 she’s already won!) – however, Angrad is getting quite close to being able to claim a prize as well. He’s got 395 points (two hundred for correctly recognising Murder By Death and Village Of the Damned and another 95 points for being the second person to guess at Aliens).

I was surprised at one point though – nobody managed to recognise SouthPark: Bigger Longer and Uncut within the time limit (i.e. all the points ran out due to time, even after I added a 48 hour extension worth 200 points!).

Anyway – I’ll drop Kymberlie an email tomorrow to let her know she’s won a prize (even though she’ll already know if she’s reading this) – and at the same time get the next image uploaded. I’m currently out of captured movie images so I’m going to have to get those screen shots grabbed again!

Congratulations all!

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