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Snippet: Microsoft Word Maximum File Size

*snippet* I’ve just tried loading a 2Gb file into Microsoft Office 2000 Word (thinking that as Word supports “Virtual Memory” at al, it’ll be able to cope with the fact I’ve only got half a gig of RAM). It chugs along for a number of minutes loading the file and then pops up:

Word cannot open this file because it is larger than 32 Megabytes in size.

I never even knew Word had a maximum file size!. But what really peeved me was the fact the Microsoft programmers didn’t implement a very small routine to check the file size before even attempting to open a file – it’s not like it’s a difficult thing to do…


  1. 32 Meg? There go my plans for writing a thousand-page book.

  2. Dialler Boy Dialler Boy


    Apparently by playing with multiple linked sections each smaller than 32MB, you can get it to work……but then again, why bother?

  3. Garry Garry does not have this limitation.

  4. Andrew Andrew

    Word 2003 didn’t chug on a 5.4 GB plain-text file, but it did immediately tell me that “There is a Serious Disk Error on File …”.

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