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Snippet: Ok, now I’m freaked out….

Last night, just before I went to bed, I watched an episode of South Park entitled “The Super Best Friends” where Jesus and Pals (Buddha, Lord Krishna, Seaman and a few others) fights the David Blainetologists – and I thought, “Since David Blaine is currently trying to attract publicity in London, it’ll be quite funny if Channel 4 were to show this episode again.”

So, just before I go to bed tonight, I’m just channel surfing and guess which episode of South Park is showing on Channel 4….

Yep – spooky! Especially since earlier they were also showing David Blaine’s “Vertigo” (when he’s just standing on a pole in Times Square) and that just happens to be on my “watch rotation”* as well.

A brief explanation of my “watch rotation”: any movies, TV shows or music videos I like – I capture into my computer and store on either the three hard drives or a pile of CDs. These are captured via my TV in card. I can then, very quickly, select a couple of CDs combined with whats currently on my hard drive(s), queue up a selection of programmes – usually 3 hours worth – and watch them downstairs on my TV courtesy of my wireless televiewer connection or in my bedroom on my monitor.

Until I get round to burning things off on CD, they are just stored on my hard drive and are continually in my “watch rotation” until they’re burnt off – therefore if I’ve got “South Park Series 5” in my CD drive and Vertigo on my hard drive: it’s conceivable I could watch them both “back-to-back”.

Why have it all on CDs/hard drives when I’ve got a perfectly working VCR downstairs which then can “broadcast” to my computer monitor? Well, it’s difficult to “queue” a selection of episodes – for instance, if I wanted to watch series 1 of South Park, I would have to change tapes after 3 episodes AND be forced to watch them in “fixed order” (when my computer could randomise the order for me), plus if I’m in bed relaxing I can easily get up and pause/stop/rewind the current selection without having to go downstairs and play with the VCR, thirdly: CDs/DVDs take up a lot less storage space (I’ve got over 100 CDs in the space where I’ll be lucky to get 40 VHS tapes) and fourthly, it’s more fun 😀

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