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Spam: 15k Emails…

Quick notification: if you’ve got an email address for me ending in (such as please change it to just .com (so an email address of will change to ). I’m having to migrate all my email accounts to my main server from my 8year old+ Demon ISP mailbox as the spam levels have just got too high. Yesterday I deleted over 15,000 emails from my Demon ISP account leaving less than 5,000 to delete today: by the time I woke up the levels were back up to 14,700 and growing 🙁

This wouldn’t be too bad apart from the fact Demon’s mail servers are suffering from the load – as Gradwell’s ISP Mail System Performance chart shows, emails sent to email addresses are taking over 6 hours on average to arrive: and that’s just not good enough for me (plus the lack of “server side filtering” makes things even worse).

I’m still planning on keeping Demon for my ADSL connectivity at the moment (I haven’t got time to currently hunt ADSL providers that can offer over 3Gb/traffic per day), but I no longer trust them with my email.

However – the Gradwell chart shows that one of our (ie my employers) main rivals in one portion of their business – – is just as bad as Demon. 5hours+ delays and 13 missing emails.

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