TV: Cutie Honey (Japanese)

December 6th, 2004 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

I’ve just watched the first 10 minutes of “Cutie Honey” (a Japanese anime where I’m not quite sure what the “target audience” is – the women seem to be very well endowded and bits of clothing keep on being torn off, but not in a sexual way..).

Anyway – the main character “Honey” has just come in for a shock…

How would you feel if:
* You just found out your Dad was dead (murdered)
* But he left a tape recording for you
* Telling you not to be suprised, but you aren’t his daughter
* Because you are an android

11minutes in and I’m laughing like anything (“those crazy Japanese!”) and already trying to figure out quite what is going on 😉

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