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  • New Season Doctor Who Finale: De ja Who?

    Do you remember the 3rd season of the “New Doctor Who” when they brought the previously-thought-deceased Master back to life for the season finale? Do you remember the 4th season of the “New Doctor Who” when they brought all the “New Doctor’s companions” together, including the “trapped-in-parallel universe Rose Tyler” back for the season finale? […]

  • TV: New Red Dwarf Episodes Synposis

    As you may be aware, the boys from the crimson midget are back in Red Dwarf starting Friday the 10th of April at 9pm on Dave (part of the UK TV Network). But what’s going to be in the show on the Red Dwarf Easter weekend? Well, Richy has a couple of spoilers…

  • News Snippet: Mythbuster Kari Byron is Pregnant

    News just off the press direct from Mythbuster Adam Savage: Girl Geek Cutie Kari Byron is pregnant: there’s no word yet as to when the kid will be joining the Mythbusters team or in what capacity (Buster replacement or team member). Update: There’s a video available (of the “official announcement”: not a “making of”! – […]

  • TV: Be seeing you Number Six.

    Sad news – Patrick McGoohan, star of the Portmeiron based The Prisoner tv series and Danger Man has just passed away at the age of 80 after a short illness.

  • Film and TV: No more Narnia movies and no more Project Runway

    In a move designed to upset my my other half on Christmas Eve (mhahaha – it’s my evil deed for the week >-) ), I’m passing on the news that it looks very unlikely that Disney will be making any more Narnia movies (source Defamer.com who cite HollywoodReport.com as a source: but also see NationalPost, […]