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Tag: tv

YouTube: McDonalds Adverts In Japan

A few years ago, I went to Japan (flying Lufthansa, booked via Expedia) and a couple of days I went into the McDonalds there and it was quite different. First of all: you put your money in a tray and the cashier picked it up from the tray, secondly they allowed smoking inside and thirdly they had recycling bins for paper, plastic cups and ‘undrunk drinks/ice’ (along with an “other”). However, I didn’t see any of the following adverts whilst I was there – which was a shame… If only McD’s ran these ads here… (found via Barry Classic)

Fun: Human Japanese Tetris

I’ve just been told off by my other half for laughing too much at a Human version of an inverted “Tetris” style game. Basically, shapes arrive and the Japanese contestants just have to make their body fit the holes. Sounds simple – until you see some of the shapes! Source: Richard and Beth who found it from Gareth Saunders

TV: Penn and Teller Bulls**t

I’ve just heard a good quote from Penn And Teller’s BS! show: We like to give you both sides of the issue, you’ve heard the a**hole, now let’s interview the guy that’s right! – Penn Jillette, Penn and Teller’s BS, Series 5 Episode 9 (12th minute)- Energy Crises. Nobody said Penn and Teller weren’t biased, but at least it’s clear which side of the fence they are on. The show may be a bit “in your face” and a little “breast heavy” this season, but it does give you a bit to think about and makes it clear were they are coming from.

TV: Cutie Honey (Japanese)

I’ve just watched the first 10 minutes of “Cutie Honey” (a Japanese anime where I’m not quite sure what the “target audience” is – the women seem to be very well endowded and bits of clothing keep on being torn off, but not in a sexual way..). Anyway – the main character “Honey” has just come in for a shock… How would you feel if: * You just found out your Dad was dead (murdered) * But he left a tape recording for you * Telling you not to be suprised, but you aren’t his daughter * Because you are an android 11minutes in and I’m laughing like anything (“those crazy Japanese!”) and already trying to figure out quite what is going on 😉