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Before I forget, here’s a few internet orientated blogs which are worth keeping an eye on occasionally (by internet orientated ones, I mean ones more orientated around the operation of the internet)

Domain Names

  • Nominet’s tech blog .Nominet are the .uk domain name registry. Useful information if you are running a big Oracle based system
  • Nominet’s “official” blog. Mainly press release style announcements
  • Icann’s blog. The “Internet Corporation For Assigned Names And Numbers” could be classed as the “government” of the internet: they ultimately assigned all IP address allocations, domain names etc to various providers. Very press releasy, but do have interesting things like the very simple map of the internet (ok, dated September 1969 but πŸ˜‰ ).
  • Bob Parsons. The CEO and Founder of GoDaddy, one of the largest domain name registrys out there (IMHO, a bit like McDonalds being the largest chain of restaurants). Very little techy orientated stuff though, seems to be more about him achieving his press releases and publicity.
  • Domain Tools. DomainTools itself is a very useful site and their blog gives a “well I didn’t know/think about that” way of thinking.

Hosting Providers

  • Softlayer. The official blog of one of the best US based dedicated server providers (IMHO). Only one entry so far so still too early to judge.
  • The Planet. Softlayer’s main rival (especially in Texas). Appears to grant a good “insiders view” about the datacenter and the way it’s run.
  • Kate’s Comment. Kate Craig-Wood (who is married the sister to Nick Craig-Wood of RISC OS fame) is the MD of Memset – my VPS provider. Good overview of things you hadn’t thought about hosting wise (such as environmental impact, power usage issues etc).
  • Redback Internet. A more techy orientated blog by the providers of web hosting space to my other half.
  • Dreamhost. A very “strange” blog from a major US shared hosting provider. Covers a wide variety of issues, but the way they do them is very strange to me.
  • EUKHost. A very technical orientated blog from a UK shared web hosting company.

Do you know any useful blogs like this? I’m sure that many many other companies have them, but let’s see if we can make a good list of them!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for the plug, however one little correction: Nick Craig-Wood is my brother and not my husband. πŸ˜‰


  2. Richy C. says:

    Hi Kate,

    Sorry about that. My apologies!

  3. We (SoftLayer) have quite a few more blog postings up now πŸ™‚ Stop by for a read.

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