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Techy: Discontinuation of PHP4

I’ve already blogged about 13 facts about Friday the 13th which is paraskevidekatriaphobia or just triskaidekaphobia if you only fear the number 13. But Friday the 13th of July 2007 will go down as a “notable date” for some web developers – it’s the day that the End of Life of PHP4 was announced.

PHP4 as a programming language will become discontinued on the 31st of December this year – so if you’ve got an essential program which depends on PHP4 – contact the developers to make it PHP5 compatible now (after all, PHP5 has been out 3 years and they are now working on PHP6!). Ok, some people will be stuck (if I remember correctly, osCommerce doesn’t work brilliantly on PHP5 but I may be mistaken), but unfortunately that’s life…

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  1. that sucks! i am an ok php programmer, but i have never programmed using php5 classes. eck

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