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Techy: Test Credit and Debit Card Numbers

I’ve been working on an e-commerce system recently (as you may have been able to guess) and to test the credit card integration side of things, I needed some test credit card details of “valid looking” card numbers…

I eventually managed to gather 102 card numbers which passed validation: i.e. the Bank Identification Number [BIN] / Issuer Identification Number [IIN] numbers [the first 7 digits] matched up with the “alleged” card type and the whole card number passed the Luhn algorithm validation.

I must emphasis, before I get thousands of comments, these are TEST credit card numbers and are NOT VALID (I did not get as far as validating that they were theoretically assigned to a bank: just that they were theoretically assigned to a card issue): they are intended to test code in development to ensure that the code recognises the card type correctly and the Luhn algorithm is correct. You should, therefore, be able to use any expiry date or CCV/CSC you like for testing.

You can download these credit card numbers in a BSD released PHP file to make it easier to test with if you wish.

The developmental test card numbers are after the jump (along with details of the original sources):

Card type Card number Original Source
American Express 3400 0000 0000 009
American Express 3411 1111 1111 111
American Express 3434 3434 3434 343
American Express 3434 3434 3434 343
American Express 3468 2763 0435 344
American Express 3700 0000 0000 002
American Express 3700 0020 0000 000
American Express 3704 0726 9909 809
American Express 3705 5601 9309 221
American Express 3714 4963 5398 431
American Express 3742 0000 0000 004
American Express 3764 6228 0921 451
American Express 3777 5274 9896 404
American Express 3782 8224 6310 005
American Express 3787 3449 3671 000
Cart Blanche 3000 0000 0000 04
Cart Blanche 3056 9309 0259 04
Dankort 5019 7170 1010 3742
Dankort 5019 7170 1010 3742
Diners Club International 3020 4169 3226 43
Diners Club International 3021 8047 1965 57
Diners Club International 3022 1511 5632 52
Diners Club International 3600 0000 0000 08
Diners Club International 3614 8900 6479 13
Diners Club International 3670 0102 0000 00
Diners Club International 3852 0000 0232 37
Discover 6011 0000 0000 0004
Discover 6011 0004 0000 0000
Discover 6011 0009 9013 9424
Discover 6011 1111 1111 1117
Discover 6011 1532 1637 1980
Discover 6011 6011 6011 6611
Discover 6011 6874 8256 4166
Discover 6011 8148 3690 5651
Enroute 2014 0000 0000 009
Enroute 2014 8112 3699 422
Enroute 2149 2598 0592 653
Enroute 2149 8397 2181 233
JCB 1800 0163 8277 392
JCB 1800 4015 3546 898
JCB 1800 5860 1526 635
JCB 3528 0007 0000 0000
JCB 3528 7237 4002 2896
JCB 3530 1113 3330 0000
JCB 3566 0020 2036 0505
JCB 3569 9900 0000 0009
Laser 6304 9506 0000 0000 00
Laser 6304 9000 1774 0292 441
Maestro 6333 3333 3333 3333 336
Mastercard 5100 0800 0000 0000
Mastercard 5105 1051 0510 5100
Mastercard 5111 1111 1111 1118
Mastercard 5123 6197 4539 5853
Mastercard 5138 4951 2555 0554
Mastercard 5274 5763 9425 9961
Mastercard 5301 7455 2913 8831
Mastercard 5311 5312 8600 0465
Mastercard 5364 5870 1178 5834
Mastercard 5404 0000 0000 0001
Mastercard 5431 1111 1111 1111
Mastercard 5454 5454 5454 5454
Mastercard 5459 8862 6563 1843
Mastercard 5460 5060 4803 9935
Mastercard 5500 9391 7800 4613
Mastercard 5555 5555 5555 4444
Mastercard 5565 5520 6448 1449
Mastercard 5597 5076 4491 0558
Solo 6334 5805 0000 0000
Solo 6334 9000 0000 0005
Solo 6334 7306 0000 0000 00
Solo 6767 6222 2222 2222 222
Solo 6767 6767 6767 6767 671
UK Maestro 5641 8200 0000 0005
UK Maestro 6331 1019 9999 0016
UK Maestro 6759 6498 2643 8453
Visa 4007 0000 0002 7
Visa 4024 0071 2765 3
Visa 4222 2222 2222 2
Visa 4556 0692 7520 1
Visa 4556 3818 1280 6
Visa 4911 8300 0000 0
Visa 4916 1839 3508 2
Visa 4916 6034 5252 8
Visa 4929 0000 0000 6
Visa 4012 8888 8888 1881
Visa 4012 8888 8888 1881
Visa 4111 1111 1111 1111
Visa 4111 1111 1111 1111
Visa 4444 3333 2222 1111
Visa 4539 1050 1153 9664
Visa 4544 1821 7453 7267
Visa 4716 9147 0653 4228
Visa 4916 5417 1375 7159
Visa 4916 6156 3934 6972
Visa 4917 6100 0000 0000
Visa Delta 4406 0804 0000 0000
Visa Delta 4462 0000 0000 0003
Visa Delta 4462 0300 0000 0000
Visa Electron 4917 3000 0000 0008
Visa Electron 4917 3008 0000 0000
Visa Purchasing 4484 0700 0000 0000
Visa Purchasing 4485 6805 0271 9433

Remember these are test credit card numbers and debit card numbers and are intended to validate that your development code correctly identifies the card types and validates the card. They are NOT real card numbers.


  1. Paul Elia Paul Elia

    Handy! Thank you for publishing this list.

  2. blah blah

    what is the security number for 3764 6228 0921 451

  3. Hi Blah,

    The Card Security Code [CSV] (also known as the Card Verification Value [CVV]) for the cards above are whatever you want them to be as these numbers are intended for testing usage only (from the post: “You should, therefore, be able to use any expiry date or CCV/CSC you like for testing.”). If you try and use these numbers “in real life”, they won’t work.

    • Sk Sk

      Hi Richy C,

      Verify good information about testcards. Can you help me to get the test cards for ‘Aura card’ and ‘Hiper card’ also.



    Wait so can I use these to purchase things online with this???

    Please reply!

    (Originally posted ALL IN CAPITALS: de-shouted by Richy C)

  5. No, you can’t buy things online with these details – they are only test credit/debit card details and won’t be recognised/accepted by banks or online stores.

    • john john

      i need a Visa credit card and details how can you holp me in doing that?

    • hahah hahah

      you can i tried it and it works

      • What works? These credit/debit card numbers will only work for testing purposes – they won’t work for real purchases (unless all the merchant is doing is checking the card number passed the checksum test: if that’s all they are doing, well, then it’s their own fault – as a card number may be valid, but the card has actually expired, be a non-existent account, be reported stolen etc etc)


    K thx I was just seeing if everyne here was a criminal k just checkin bye!

  7. Pablo Pablo

    i just want to know if i can use one of these numbers on a page that need a cc number to verify the age

    • It will depend on how the website performs the validation. If it only checks that it “looks like” a valid credit card number (which is unlikely), then they’ll work. If, however, they put a “nominal $1 hold” on the card to actually check it is really valid, then these will fail (this is the most common way of checking if the card is valid: the customer doesn’t actually see the funds disappear as they are just “held” for 3-4 days and the website doesn’t actually “commit” the charges).

  8. ............ ............

    This is stuipid…im reporting this shit to my uncle….federal agent ahahahahahahha.

    • Feel free. Like I’ve said multiple times before in this post: these are test card details – i.e. not real ones – they do not have an expiry dates, start dates or CVV numbers and you cannot make purchases with them.

      Of course, I’m sure the Metropolitan Educational Council in Ohio would be interested to know how your are wasting your time…

  9. gto gto

    so will it work on a pay site that needs a credit card numbers? please reply!!!

    • No, these test numbers will NOT work on any pay site which actually attempts to take payment. They are intended to be used for testing ecommerce systems which need to identify credit card numbers correctly.

  10. jay jay

    wats a security number helpplz

    • If you are using these test credit and debit cards for testing purposes, you can make up the security number (also known as the CVV – Card Verification Value – or CV2 number) as it won’t matter. However, if you are planning on trying to use these card numbers to actually buy something, you can supply any CVV number you like: as they are all test card numbers and won’t work in real situations.

  11. BrandonMiller9999 BrandonMiller9999

    whats the csc number? plz reply!

    • You could try 623, 124, 978 and 842. They’ll all work on these test credit cards!

  12. tommy tommy

    pls i need a vredit card that i can alway use to purchase little little things online and also do certain registrations online. Pls if u can be of help just send the information of the CC to me. Please i’m desperate

    • You’ll need to sign up for a credit card for your local bank (or another issuer) to get one that works. Most shops now sell “pre-paid ‘credit cards'” which you can buy “over-the-counter” with a set amount of money. If you buy the cheapest, this may be enough for any online registrations you may need (especially if they just want to verify that you have a credit card and not actually make a charge to it).

  13. german daniel german daniel

    good day sir,
    How are you doing i appreciate the good card numbers you publish in your site please can you help me with the cvv2 and other credit generator so i can be having a constant credit for anything am doing.

    Sir please am waiting to hear from you soon.send it to my mail


    • Hello German Daniel,

      If you need constant credit, then please apply for a proper credit card (I’m sure there are some adverts on this page for credit card providers such as Citibank, MBNA, American Express etc). These numbers are just test numbers and will not work. CVV2 numbers are generated by the credit card issuer (such as Barclays, Lloyds, MBNA etc) using the “primary account number” (PAN) number of the credit card account, the credit card number and the issuer’s private key (which they keep very very secure).

      In theory, since there are only 1,000 possible combinations, you could try and “guess” the CVV2 number for these credit cards, but it won’t do you any good as the card numbers are not real and so the bank would reject any transactions on them anyway.

  14. larry richoff larry richoff

    wats a security number for amex cards plz?

    • The four digit security code/number for American Express (AMEX) cards can be found on the front of the card on the right hand side (underneath the last four digits of the card number). This differs from Visa and Mastercard cards which have a three digit number printed on the signature slip.

  15. simon simon

    hello sir,
    i have the first four numbers of a credit card with its expiry date i need to generate the remaining twelve help me by give me a site that can perform this task. otherwise a good advice on what to do.reply

    • It can’t be done: the first 4 digits of the card just indicate which bank/brand of card it is – if it starts with a “4” it’s a “Visa” card etc etc. If you’ve got the first 8 digits and the last 4 four digits – meaning you only need to guess at 4 digits: you can then use the check digit to reduce the number of possibilities down from 1,000 to 100: but it’s still quite high.

      Knowing the expiration date is only useful if the bank that issues those cards has issued them in consequetive order – meaning if you know the expiration date of one card, you may then be able to guess at another: however, the card brands (such as Mastercard and Visa) “frown” upon issuing card numbers in a guessable manner like this.

  16. rick rick

    i need a cvv dud for any master card number

    • If you need to work out the CVV number, you’ll need the credit card number, the “Primary Account Number” (PAN) – usually the same as the first credit card number, the expiration date and, most importantly, the encryption certificate from the issuing bank for that card. However, the banks, for obvious reasons, keep the certificates really really safe and change them reasonably regularly (usually every “batch” of cards). It’ll probably be best for you just to apply for a Mastercard card from your local bank.

  17. Kieran Kieran

    Ok I have a question then would you be able to make numbers that we will be able to use on online paysites

    • No – you’ll need to get a valid credit or debit card: the easiest (and only legal way) would be to apply to your local bank or building society (you should be able to get a list of “card issuers” from or for your local country) and they’ll issue you details which can then be used on paysites.

  18. Hey, for the code 6011 0000 0000 0004 for the discover card, what is the security code for it? Because I need it, not to purchase anything, but to make a simple account on iTunes. So that I could get free APPs on my ipod.

    • You can use any security code (also known as the CVV code) you want for these test credit card numbers: however, they are intended to be used by developers testing their applications. If I remember correctly, I think that when you sign up using iTunes, Apple make a small “pre-reserve” charge on the credit/debit card provided (something such as $1) which times out after 3 days or so (i.e. the money isn’t actually debited from your account). However, this process will fail if used with test card details. Many shops now sell “pre-paid” Visa/Mastercard cards which you can put a small amount of money (such as $10) on to use for authentication.

  19. Vemal_89 Vemal_89

    hey Richy C can i have a valid credit card number plus the validity date with the csc number ? i woud like to get chips for my facebook using my paypal account.. can you help me ? hope to hear from you soon

    • Yes certainly – you’ll need to contact your local bank or building society and ask them to issue you with a Visa or Mastercard. Alternatively, contact American Express so they can sign you up for an Amex card. Those are the only (legal) ways to get valid credit card details. I am not telling anybody how to conduct illegal activities (such as illegally using a third parties credit card account).

  20. Ian Ian

    Hey Richy C, do you not get bored answering questions from people who really want numbers so that they can fleece some unsuspecting member of the public of thousands of pounds?

    Your list is priceless as far as a list of test numbers goes, perfect for those who need to test payment systems for ecommerce. People like me!

    Are you sure you can’t make up a real number so I can buy something really really little like an 80″ plasma 😉

  21. Veda Veda

    Hey Richy,

    Thank you so much for publishing the test credit card numbers. I often use this during my testing for test checkouts.


    Also how much patience on earth do you have to answer these stupid people asking you so many dumb questions.

    • Thanks Veda,

      That’s exactly what I composed this list for: I needed to test e-commerce checkout facilities myself and needed a large range of numbers to test against and I just got fed up with looking in multiple places.

      Yes, the questions do get a little bit irritating (I’ve not allowed around 50% of the comments to be posted!), but the way I see it is they come here looking for credit or debit card details and I’ve got Google Adwords running advertising credit/debit card services: hopefully that should attract sufficient funds to make the hassle of reply worth it (even if it’s just a few pounds per quarter).

  22. cartel cartel

    hi i read all the thread and you inform me about a lot of informations.
    =) but i already don t understand how to calculate cVV numbers because there is not yet any algorythm.

    does a solution exist?

    • There is an algorithm to calculate the CVV/CSC numbers for credit/debit cards, however you’ll need the primary account number (PAN) of the card, the expiration date, and the card issuer’s private key for that range of card numbers. You’ll find the banks and card issuers keep their private keys very very secure – and for good reason. You can find a bit more information on the IBM Application Programmers Guide here and here – although without the private keys, the information is nearly useless except for educational purposes.

  23. KC KC

    Thanks..used these to test paypal express checkout. Also got a good laugh reading all the comments

  24. lovebird lovebird

    hi ,

    i would like someone to give me valid creditcard numbers along with ccv/ cvv and expiry i will pay the person half the amount that will be charged on credit card regardless even if the payment gets reversed u still will get ur share.. reply me at [email address removed]

    • Let me get this right, you are going to be taking stolen card numbers off people and then, perhaps, give them 50% of the funds you get. No guarantee there and there’s nothing stopping the original theft from doing all the work themselves for all the profit…. Please go paddle your scams elsewhere.

  25. mSz.izzy08 mSz.izzy08

    hello can u give me some credit card with security code

    plssss i want to buy dragon amulet for my game

    plss hel me

    • Oh – I was going to respond to you like everybody else and say, “no, you’ll have to get a credit card from your bank”, but since it’s for a Dragon Amulet for a game…

      The Visa card 4556 3818 1280 6 with the security code 1337 should work, expiration date is 03/04.

      Yes, I’m sure that’ll work…

  26. Mari Haining Mari Haining

    Thanks for the insight on generating test numbers for validating ecommerce applications.

    I know you weren’t shooting for comedy, but I laughed uproariously at the comments. I thought they were trolls at first. Sadly, I fear they’re serious.

    That means you have the patience of a saint.

    But in your next post, please tell us all how to generate ccv’s so we can help the widow of a Nigerian bank official claim her husband’s stolen money (while shopping for incidentals and internet porn).

    • Certainly – CVV numbers can be easily produced by holding up a copy of the card number printed at 14pt Arial on 80gsm paper at a 45 degree towards the Moon when it is at an inclination of no more than 23 degrees from the horizon and when the moon is in the eighth house of Aquarius. 🙂

      • logmeinpls logmeinpls

        hi rich c. i just want to ask, do u have any idea on how to know the expiry date if i know the credit card number, security, and card holder? but i dont know only the expiry date.. pls reply.. thanks..

  27. T Harding T Harding

    Thanks for this list – really useful,

    Now, if you could just explain about cvv numbers one more time, that would be great! 🙂

  28. Free Fluff Fan Free Fluff Fan

    So… are the CVCs tested by the bank? at the moment of entry that is.

    The situation I find myself in is like this: People will say ‘come to my website, I will give you free stuff’, so I think to myself “hey, I have time, let’s check it out”. Once you get there it asks you to register, part of that is entering a credit card number (now of course a bell goes off in my head about the guy being a scammer), being somewhat short on money, you can see how I would be reluctant to just give away my CCN, even if these people have a pretty website and an official looking EULA.
    my question (well, I suppose, my second question) is: is there anything I can provide these people that looks like a credit card but isn’t (I wouldn’t want them to steal someone else’s money either, you know, I just want my free stuff as advertised)

  29. kNiGhT kNiGhT

    Can u give me a Valid Credit card numbers
    So that i can use it in my paypal account

    If u have e-mail to me

  30. asdadadadads asdadadadads

    please need help on financial.. give me a valid cc details.. or else my house will be on auctioned

  31. Dolly Dolly

    Can anyone provide me with a test Barclays debit card for testing the integrtaion

    • What sort of integration are you looking at testing? Testing with Barclay’s payment service or checking that a Barclay debit card is recognised by your system? If it’s the latter, then I believe Barclay’s “BIN” numbers are 4539 78, 4659 22, 4906, 4929 40, 4929 42, 4929 46, 4976 52, 5136 24, 5140 21, 5148 89, 5301, 5425 (source Wikipedia) so if you recognise those, you should be good.

  32. Stuart Barker Stuart Barker

    Hi Richy
    This page has saved my life (almost).
    It’s made testing recent chnages to our CRM system much easier.
    Thanks very much!

  33. Sle7in Sle7in

    dude how the hell are there so many dumb ass questions? and they are all the same “can you get me card details to buy things?” or “how do we get the cvv” its like they are not even reading your post… you say these details will NOT work over and over and over yet they still ask… wtf is with these retards? They must be 15 year olds trying to become some kind of l33t hacker… Idk how you put up with this man i would be so annoyed

  34. Sle7in Sle7in

    also to my knowledge BIN numbers are the first 6 numbers on a cc not the first 4? or is that just for some cards and not others?

    • The first digit is the industry identifier (4 and 5 are reserved for financial insitutitons hence why the majority of debit/credit cards start with either a 4 or 5), then you have 6 digits of the Issuer Identification Number (formerly the BIN number) – 7 digits in total: however, usually the first 4 digits are enough to match up the “card type” (such as Visa, Mastercard, Switch etc etc).

  35. plzz help plzz help

    how to get expiry and security number??

  36. young mike young mike

    need some real numbers holla at me so we could do business

    • Holla? (what in deity’s name does that mean?).

      I certainly have a collection of real credit and debit card numbers – strangely enough I have them embossed in rectangular pieces of plastic – so what sort of legal business were you suggesting and what benefits would it have for me?

  37. Gabriela Gabriela

    ill be willing to do business with you if you give me some valid credit card numbers and ccv numbers along with expiration dates.

    • Hello,

      What sort of business would somebody from Venezuela be able to offer me?

  38. What a bunch of retards What a bunch of retards

    wow, all i can say is these people posting on this need to learn to read because you answered the question many times. NONE OF THESE NUMBERS WILL WORK FOR PAYSITES

  39. love.m.glossie love.m.glossie

    hello i was woundering i have this account on dragonquest and i need this necklice thing to were but it says i need a credit card number and a Security Code and the Expiration Date
    and i rely rely want the necklice on dragonquest but i dont know what to dooo plzzzzzzz plzzzz help me 🙂

    • What you need to do is get a credit card – your local bank/building society/credit union should be able to help. You will then have the credit card number, security code and expiration date to use.

  40. Hello,this sounds interesting,i am an hacker and i will like to contact you,we could trade as i need some infos and have some you will need

    • Well, Mr “Hacker” from Georgia – what information do you think that I need?

  41. jerzee jerzee

    I have a magnetic stripe card machine and just out of curiosity, when a card is swiped/read through the reader it shows the number on the front of the card, an equal sign, then another long number after that. What is that secondary number (after the equal sign and what does it represent? (ex: 482866957826wxyz=1309256942573658)

    • Hello Jerzee,

      That’s a good question! I do know that’s a Visa Debit card issued by Wachovia Bank (just by the first 6 digits) – the second batch of numbers is either the transaction or approval code for that purchase: however, this may differ depending on the card swipe machine. This number should allow the merchant to immediately lookup the transaction if you later have a query with the payment.

      It doesn’t look like any of the information which is encoded within the magnetic swipe of the card (see Wikipedia’s article on ISO/IEC 7813 for more information).

  42. VTek VTek

    Well Mr. Richy, can you provide me a valid credit card no. with security code and expiration date?
    It will be very nice of you so that i could prevent myself from being kicked out of my rented house. Thanks in Advance.

    • I can’t – but contact your bank/building society and they’ll be able to help with a credit/debit card. If you are having trouble paying your mortgage or rent, let your mortgage company/landlord know: they may be able to work something out with you. If that doesn’t help, then contact your local financial authority or similar (such as the Citizens Advice Bureau) and let them know you are suffering financial hardship which could result in you becoming homeless.

  43. VTek VTek

    thank you very much.

  44. chrisitian chrisitian

    can u gave me a credit card

    • No, you will need to apply for one yourself from your local bank or building society.

  45. Colin Colin

    Useful list of test numbers, but that’s a seriously entertaining set of comments!

  46. I just stumbled on your site, while looking for fake credit card #s to test our web site. Thank you!

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