Running Jenkins CI for PHP on Amazon EC2 [1/7]

October 27th, 2011 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

To ensure code quality for your PHP application, you might want to use a continuous integration service such as Jenkins CI (previously known as Hudson) to run things like PHPUnit, Code Coverage checks, PHP Mess Detector etc. But how do you install and run this cheaply? This series of 7 “easy to follow” tutorials will let you start and stop an Amazon EC2 “Micro” instance (which is free for your first year using Amazon) for testing.

These posts will be published on a daily basis between the 27th of October and 2nd of November inclusive.

  1. Signing up to Amazon EC2 and starting your first image
  2. Preparing PuTTY for Amazon EC2
  3. Connecting to Amazon EC2 using PuTTY
  4. Installing and Configuring Jenkins CI (this is the big/important post)
  5. Make a backup of the Amazon EC2 configuration
  6. Relaunching the Amazon EC2 image

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