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Guess That Movie: XXII: Air Force One

February 7th, 2003

[Guess That Movie Round 22]Kymberlie R. McGuire finally managed to correctly guess that Guess That Movie Round 21 was, in fact, the 1917 Charles Chaplin (better known as ‘Charlie Chaplin’) movie “The Cure“. The screenshots also shows Eric Campbell as “the man with the gout”.

I did warn you all that it was an old movie – it’s a good thing I didn’t say exactly how old! Now I’ve just got to work out how many points Kymberlie has won. Congratulations to her for winning, shame on the rest of you for not even guessing.

Now that we are no longer trapped in the past, facing images that are not your own – can you change the score board for the better? Your only guide in this round is this image, taken from a more recent movie, and it appears to the left as you can see. And so you need to find yourself guessing the movie, striving to gain the extra points and hoping the each guess will be the correct guess.

And yep, that was a clue. I’m not sure what good it’ll do you, but at least it’s a clue… Go on Guess That Movie! (just leave a comment with your name, email address and the name of the movie you are guessing: URLs are optional, but email address will never be shown).

A: Air Force One [Order from] . Correctly guessed by LD

Guess That Movie: XXI: The Cure

February 5th, 2003

[Guess That Movie Round 21]Well, Ph33r_m3 is now guaranteed a prize worth at least £5 – he’s managed to pass the 500 points mark by correctly recognising the previous Guess That Movie image as being taken from the third movie in the Die Hard trilogy: Die Hard with a Vengeance (UK visitors can order it on DVD from [Order from] – the more orders of movies and the more donations to the blog mean I can offer more and larger prizes!).

I’m still puzzled quite how Kymberlie recognised the Hackers picture, but hopefully she’ll be back from her little fish bowl to have a guess at this image.

This image is slightly tricker as it’s been taken from an “old” black and white (or, if you prefer, monochrome) film (and, unlike the Dr.Strangelove screen shot, I haven’t bothered to colourise it) – but have a go and see if you can recognise which movie it is.

To guess, just leave a little comment with your name (or alias), your email address (which is for MY use only – it is not displayed anywhere on the blog NOR will it be disclosed to third parties) and the name of the movie you think the screen shot/image capture is taken from. Please do not attempt to multi-guess movies (by including them all in a single comment) or repeat guess (by posting multiple comments): these may be removed or I might just say “Well – the first one is wrong, I’m not saying anymore”.

Simple rules and simple prize structure (each image is worth 100 points: 500 points and above get you a prize, but after each wrong guess the points of an image go down by 5 points. The image also decreases in value by 10 after the first 12 hours of posting and also decreases by 10 points after every 24 hours from the post time).

Go on – get guessing!

Update: Wednesday, 5th February 2003:It seems no one has yet plucked up the courage to even make a guess at this image (it was originally posted on Monday 3rd at 22:33) – so I’ve added a couple more clues: read on…

A: The Cure. Correctly guessed by Kymberlie R. McGuire
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Guess That Movie: XX: Die Hard 3

February 3rd, 2003

[Guess That Movie 20]The last round of Guess That Movie was won by Lord Nikon herself – Kymberlie R. McGuire – who correctly recognised Lisa Blair (I doubt she’s any relation to Linda Blair [Order from] ) who lived at 26 East 7th Street, Apartment 16 (telephone number 555-4817) appearing around the 43rd minute of the movie Hackers [Order from] . Yes, I’ve watched that movie plenty of times – but I’m still surprised how Kymberlie managed to recognise it within 7 minutes – that’s just 2 minutes of the current record – as it’s not a major character (I think she just says “What?” in the movie).

Anyway, Kymberlie’s got herself another 100 points moving her up four positions in the score chart to fourth place (with 120 total points). Will she do any better with this screenshot or will someone else guess it first?.

A: Die Hard 3: Die Hard With A Vengence [Order from] . Correctly guessed by Ph33r_m3

Guess That Movie: XIX: Hackers

February 3rd, 2003

[Guess That Movie Round 19]As promised here’s round 19 of the popular Guess That Movie contest!

The scores are quite close with Ph33r_m3 having 490 points, LD 380 and “Super Beastmaster” have 280 – but it’s possible for anyone to guess this image and move into the lead. Prizes will NOT be awarded until the end of round 27 (in another 8 images time): this will give everyone a chance to try and get to the magical “500 prize point” and for me to confirm the scores. A word of warning though – at the moment I’m not sure if Guess That Movie will continue using the present prize/score structure after round 27: I’m in the process of creating a new site just for Guess That Movie and the scoring system may be subject to change… So guess now and win!

All you’ve got to do is to recognise which movie the small screen shot on the left was taken from – place your guess in the comments and wait for me to go “yea” or “neigh”. Did I hear some one ask for a clue? Ok – the character who appears in this screen shot lives on the East end of a street….

A: Hackers [Order from] . Correctly guessed by Kymberlie R. McGuire

Guess That Movie: Scores So Far II

January 31st, 2003

[Guess That Movie Images 10 to 18]Well, that’s another 9 images guessed at – the last one was the George Clooney/Quentin Tarantino “From Dusk Till Dawn[Order from] movie – to be specific (hey why not? 🙂 ), it’s from around then end of the 4th minute where Danny the store clerk (played by Cristos) is trying to convince Seth and Richard Gecko (George and Quentin respectively) that he wasn’t trying to signal for help whilst the cop – Earl McGraw (Michael Parks) was in the lavatory.

So, what’s all that done to the scores? Well, poor Kymberlie must be getting a bit neurotic as she’s been at the bottom of the scoring fish bowl for a while now (with 20 points) and has been beaten by new comer “Dr G” with 60 points (which he/she got on round 17 – Event Horizon). At 100 points, we have andersja, Toby and KHD.

Bom, bom, bomm, bom bom, bom, bum (that’s meant to be the count down music from “Top Of The Pops” – try and imagine the rest of this paragraph being said by Sir Jimmy Saville). At number three, we have Super Beastmaster with 280 points *jangle jangle*, and moving up slightly to number 2 is LD with his smashing 380 points: and how’s about that then? – but this week’s number one is Ph33r_m3 with “490 points is extremely close to the Prize” surprise hit.

Yep, Ph33r_m3 has just missed the £5 Amazon gift-voucher by 10 points! Ha ha! But, Guess That Movie IS continuing (I’ll probably have a certain Mr. Tarantino after me if I ended it now) and I’m going to keep everything the way it is… Apart from (you knew something was coming didn’t you?) – there will NOT be another Guess That Movie until Monday morning.

Basically, I’m coming close to my 300th blog entry mark, it’s Friday night and it’s the end of the month – all good reasons for me to have the weekend off. But Guess That Movie will be returning bright and early on Monday the 3rd of February – so start swotting up now!

For now, I’ll be seeing you!

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