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  • Guess That Movie: LXVII: The Worst Witch

    Yes, it’s time for round LXVII of the Guess That Movie competition (slightly delayed due to the server move). First of all – Kymberlie R. McGuire correctly recognised the screen shot in round 66 as being from the 1998 remake of Pyscho and she should have received your gift voucher (which is the prize) […]

  • Guess That Movie: LXVI: Pyscho (1998)

    Wow! We’ve just had our second unguessed film here at Guess That Movie – nobody was able to recognise the 1992 film In the Eyes of a Stranger (IMDB/ amazoncom:B0000065NM ). Am I making them too hard or something? Well – let’s move on to image 66 and see if you have any more luck: […]

  • Guess That Movie: LXV: In The Eyes Of A Stranger

    Congratulations are due to Quida for being a new contestant and for correctly recognising that the screen shot taken for Guess That Movie Round 64 was taken from the film Joe’s Apartment. Welcomes are also due to “Mike” and “BioBoy” for also having a go at recognising that film. However, since that image has now […]

  • Guess That Movie: LXIV: Joe’s Apartment

    It’s time for Guess That Movie round 64! Woo!!!! For those who are new here, basically Guess That Movie (GTM) is a little competition where you have “simply” just got to recognise which movie the screen shot on the left has been taken from. I say “simply” as sometimes, it’s not quite obvious which movie […]

  • Guess That Movie: Scores So Far VI

    Well, another round of images has graced us by, and things have begun to heat a little bit up on the Guess That Movie high score table. Kymberlie is still in the lead (and I now owe her £8.30 worth of Amazon gift vouchers: she’s gained an extra 830 points on top of the 1610 […]