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Guess That Movie: XLV: Braveheart

March 28th, 2003

Guess That Movie Round 35Yes, we had YET ANOTHER new contestant win a round of “Guess That Movie” – “SithAngel” managed to recognise that the image to Guess That Movie 44 was from the hit movie “American Pie 2” [Order from] amazoncom:B00003CY6D – narrowly beating new contestant “lily” as well (unfortunately, Jay‘s very first guess of Thelma and Louise was either completely wrong or he’s seen a much more different version of T+L then I remember!).

Here’s a very uninteresting snippet of information for you: I watched American Pie 2 before I saw number 1 – and before I saw either of them, I watched the extremely funny comedy/spoof/trailer American Jedi (American Pie meets Star Wars: download it from Jedinet). It’s nearly 9 minutes long, looks like a “trailer” for a movie, and I wish it had been made into a proper feature length film as it’s incredibly funny.

Anyway – on with the contest. For those of you who are just joining us here at the Guess That Movie contest, the idea of the game is to just recognise which movie I’ve taken the screen shot from. The only criteria is that I can authenticate that the screen shot is from the movie – so it could be a DVD my parents rented, a film I’ve got on DVD, a VHS copy I found etc: and it could date from 1900s to the present day (although the oldest movie I’ve featured so far has been 1917) – and there’s no fixed genre (although my love of comedy and sci-fi movies may show through from time to time).

Once you think you know which movie the screen shot has been taken from, have a go and Guess That Movie – just leave a comment with your name (or an alias – I don’t mind), email address (which WILL be hidden from anybody but me) and your guess and I’ll say if you are right or wrong. If you are right, you’re instantly entered into the competition – each image, as soon as it’s been posted, is worth “100 points”. Each incorrect guess by anybody removes 5 points from the number of available points. And there’s another catch – after 12 hours from posting, the image loses another 10 points, 24 hours from posting another 10 and then every 24 hours after that…. So if there are 10 incorrect guesses (10×5=50) and it’s been 2 days since the image was posted (10+10+10), then then image will only be worth 20 points – and you’ll need a total of 500 points before you can claim a prize.

Yep, once you’ve got 500 points you are entitled to an Amazon gift certificate based on the conversation rate of 1point=1pence sterling. So 500 points equals a £5 gift voucher (of course, converted into the currency of the Amazon store of your choosing).

So get guessing!

And, here’s an extra “guess that childrens TV programme if you want from the lyrics, but no extra points are available” bit:

“This is Richy’s Blog,
And this is Richy, the blogger who leads an exciting double-life,
For when Richy touches a keyboard, an amazing transformation occurs.
Richy is bloggerman, ever alert for the call to blog”.
A: Braveheart amazoncom:B00003CX95 [Order from] Correctly guessed by Kymberlie R. McGuire.
Cartoon lyrics from “Bananaman” (correctly guessed by Super Beastmaster)

Guess That Movie: XLIV: American Pie 2

March 28th, 2003

[Guess That Movie Round 44]Cool, it looks like Guess That Movie has attracted a couple of new competitors (who probably came here looking for cacheremote – the blog roll cache system, or MT-RefSearch), but it doesn’t matter where they came from as long as they stay and have fun.

In fact, round 43 (and, yep, I’ve fixed the problems with the roman numerals now) had 3 new guessers: I can’t remember Ciaran entering before (although he has commented on a few posts), Jay is a new contestant – but he was just beaten to the correct answer of X-Men [Order from] amazoncom:B00003CX8J by new contestant “NetRngr”. Congratulations!

I’ll just go over the basis of Guess That Movie for all the new comers: Guess That Movie is a little quiz/competition where you have simply got to guess which movie the screen shot comes from: Each image starts off being worth 100 points. 12 hours after posting it loses 10 points and then it loses another 10 every 24 hours (for example, after the 24th hour it only worth 80 points, after 48hours 70 points…) Every incorrect guess for an image reduces its value by 5 points (so 3 incorrect guesses will remove 15 points from that images value). Once you’ve got over 500 points, you’ll then (at the end of that “batch” of nine images) be offered a prize in the form of an Amazon gift certificate at a rate of 1point=1pence sterling (so 500 points would equal a £5 voucher which could be worth around $7.82 US dollars) – not bad for free entry and a bit of fun is it?

Anyway, to help you get going – here’s image number 44. Just leave a comment with your name, email address (it’s hidden from the spambots so don’t worry!) and your guess and I’ll let you know whether or not you managed to correctly Guess That Movie!

Good luck!

Oh – I normally also have a “no points available, but see if you can guess this children’s TV show theme tune” extra section, but since it’s ten minutes past midnight, I really want to just get to bed.
A: American Pie 2 [Order from] amazoncom:B00003CY6D . Correctly guessed by SithAngel

Guess That Movie: XLIII: X Men

March 27th, 2003

[Guess That Movie 43]Well, Kymberlie again rushed in and managed to recognise Guess That Movie 42 as being taken from the extremely funny “SpaceBalls” movie amazoncom:0792844890 [Order from] : I can’t remember if 5 minutes from posting is a new “guess record”, but I’ll take a look once I update the high score table and double-check if Kymberlies received her prize yet (I did send it to her, but Amazon’s been having some problems dispatching the e-certificate – but since it’s a technical problem, neither I nor their customer service department can cancel, change or correct the order and all I get is an “Unable to process order, please login to correct” message from their automated bots 🙁 ).

Anyway, here’s image 43 (I can’t believe I let image 42 go without a reference to Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy though, but at least it did have a “comedy/space” feel to it – admittedly unintentionally) – have a guess and let me know which movie you think it’s from…

“Richy’s blog,
ooh ohh
Richy’s blog

go Richy go
go Richy go

Richy’s blog,
ooh ohh
Richy’s blog”

(slightly harder to recognise cartoon theme tune, but the middle bit should give it away- no extra points for recognising it though, but if you want to guess, feel free 🙂 )
A: X Men [Order from] amazoncom:B00003CX8J . Correctly guessed by NetRngr

Guess That Movie: XLII: Space Balls

March 24th, 2003

[Guess That Movie 42]Well, when I posted Guess That Movie round 41, I really believed I would have got you all stumped… And I did for some time – until Kymberlie R. McGuire came along and managed to recognise the image as being taken from the 1949 movie Kind Hearts and Coronets [Order from] amazoncom:B00006FMAR . It’s another movie I haven’t seen in ages and that I really want to see again. Starring Alec Guinness as the entire D’Ascoynes family, its a really good film despite its age.

Let’s move out of the 1940’s and move into a bit more modern times with this image taken from a colour movie (oooh – we are getting up to date aren’t we? 😉 ), it didn’t win any Oscars – but I really enjoy it (yep, it’s a comedy).

So have a guess at the title of the movie you think this image has been taken from and let me know what you think, and in my “custom” at the moment – here’s a “no extra points available” mutated theme song from my childhood:

“Up above the streets and houses,
Richy climbing high.
Everyone can see him climbing
Through the sky.

Paint the whole world with a Richy!”
A: Spaceballs. amazoncom:0792844890 [Order from] Correctly guessed by Kymberlie R. McGuire

Guess That Movie: XLI: Kind Hearts and Coronets

March 18th, 2003

[Guess That Movie image 41]Kymberlie, again, Starship Troopers amazoncom:B0000648WZ [Order from] correct, Richy again astonished!

Ok, now I’ll try and make a bit of sense and form sentences – but I don’t know why I bother with Kymberlie being a big stalking type thing and stalking down the correct answers to Guess That Movie images before the ink’s dry on my piece of notepaper.

I’m going out tomorrow night, so let’s just hope this black and white capture from a moving picture will mean you’ll be guessing round 41 for some time to come…. If it’s any help, I decided on this image by watching some thing about the Academy Awards ceremony and then Googling for the movie name to find an image (instead of taking it myself).

Have fun and good luck! “At the beep, please leave your name, email address and a short message with the name of the movie you are guessing at and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.” Beeep.

“Leicestershire, home for many centuries to a dreadful dynasty of vicious blogging entities – the bloggers of Leicester.
Legend has it that these sexy beings can be destroyed by an arrow through the heart or expose to true love,
This does not suffice however, for they may be brought back to life by means of a secret rite that can be performed once a century when the moon is in the eighth house of Gemini.
The latest reincarnation did not run according to plan.

In the heart of Leicestershire,
In the Leicester Hall of Fame-yea,
There’s not a blogger zanier than….

If you’re looking for some fun,
You can always count upon,
Come and find the one they call..
Richy C!”

(No, you get no extra points for recognising the childrens cartoon – I just want to relive my missing childhood 😀 )
A: Kind Hearts and Coronets [Order from] amazoncom:B00006FMAR . Correctly guessed by Kymberlie R. McGuire

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