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Guess That Movie: XL: Starship Troopers

March 17th, 2003

[Guess That Movie 40]Well, after Super Beastmaster correctly recognised “Guess That Movie 39” as being from “Alice In Wonderland[Order from] amazoncom:B00004R99L (the image actually shows the carpenter from the “Walrus and the carpenter” section), Guess That Movie gets REALLY OLD now.

Yep, GTM’s “40 images old” today 🙂 Happy birthday GTM – (and a happy birthday to Kymberlie for tomorrow, she’s going to be 28: so pop over to her site and make a contribution to her Zimmer frame fund!).

Whilst you are all signing the birthday cards, you may as well make an attempt at the image which marks Guess That Movie 40. Again, it isn’t the one I wanted to post (as my machine’s now crashed 4 times whilst trying to capture the image), but it should help confuse you a little bit. Hopefully once my new Pentium 4 2.0Ghz machine arrives this week I’ll be able to get the images I want to get to get you guessing (at least my ‘g’ button still works – but I’ve never had problems with the G-spot before 😉 ).

“Guess that, Guess that, guess that, Guess that movie, Ho!
Guess That Movie is on the move,
Guess That Movie is loose,
Feel the magic, see the image,
Guess That Movie is loose,
Guess That, Guess That, Guess That, Guess That Movie!”

A: Starship Troopers. amazoncom:B0000648WZ [Order from] . Correctly guessed by Kymberlie R. McGuire

Guess That Movie: XXXIX: Alice In Wonderland

March 16th, 2003

[Guess That Movie Image 39Well, AntGrad made a slight return to correctly recognise that the previous Guess That Movie image was taken from “the ultimate disaster movie” Bean [Order from] amazoncom:B00007AJF7 (starring Rowan Atkinson). Ok, the film wasn’t as good as the UK ITV television series, but it was still a reasonable film.

AntGrad picked up one hundred points for that – but will he or Kymberlie manage to pick up any extra points for this image? It is open for all the rest of you to guess as well – you just have to leave a comment with your name (or an alias) and the name of the movie you guess that image is and I’ll judge if you are right or wrong…

Good luck!
A: Alice In Wonderland. [Order from] amazoncom:B00004R99L Correctly guessed by Super Beastmaster

Guess That Movie: XXXVIII: Bean

March 12th, 2003

[Guess That Movie Round 38]Dr. G now moves up by 100 points by correctly guess that Round 37‘s image was, in fact, taken from the 1973 movie “The Asphyx” [Order from] amazoncom:6305470146 within 10hours and 59minutes – Kymberlie, meanwhile, was happily confessing that she is, in fact, an executive transvestite. I don’t think I really want to know do I? 😉

Dr. G moves up to 160 points once I update the high score table – still short of the magically “500 points claim point” but there’s still 7 more rounds after this one to go. Prizes HAVE been dispatched, but have experienced a slight technical fault with processing of the gift certificates so one or two of them may be delayed whilst they are looking into the problem (basically, because of the fault they can’t get into the order to dispatch the certificate – nor can they or myself cancel the order!) – apologies for the delay.

Anyway, here’s image 38 – it’s not the one I was hoping to feature: but every time I tried to play the DVD I wanted to take this round’s image from it crashed my machine. 3 times. It’s not the DVD’s fault (as it’s worked before), but just Windows being silly b–ggers as it has been for the last few weeks…

Take a guess at the image and let me know which movie you think it’s from! <adopt camp voice for Kymberlie> Good luck sweeties! <end camp voice>
A: Bean. [Order from] amazoncom:B00007AJF7 . Correctly guessed by AntGrad

Guess That Movie: XXXVII: The Asphyx

March 11th, 2003

[Guess That Movie Round 37]Yep, it’s time for the executive or action image of Guess That Movie Round 37. Except, it’s got just about in much in relation to executives and action as a monkey being in a tree has to do with the British empire and the fact that every Brit lives in castles near the hanging towers of Babylon….

Ok, now I’ve got that rambling out of the way (Le chat est sur la chaise) and we don’t have to worry about fog covering Alcatraz – you can have a go at guessing which movie the screenshot on the left was taken from. Just try and think which movie it was, and leave a guess with your name (or alias), email address and the movie name and I’ll say if you are right or wrong. By the way – there’s prizes to be won! I spent over $25 dollars on prizes yesterday alone (and hopefully they should have reached the recipients by now), so get guessing!
A: The Asphyx. [Order from] amazoncom:6305470146 . Correctly guessed by Dr G.

Guess That Movie: Scores So Far IV

March 10th, 2003

[Guess That Movie rounds 28 to 36]I don’t know about you, but the last 9 Guess That Movie images just shot by for me: in fact, so quickly I haven’t had much time to work on the new site for it yet – that means that “Guess That Movie” will be staying here for just a little bit longer, and yep, it does mean you’ll have to endure my random ramblings for a while more – but I’m sure that’s the real reason you are here isn’t it?

Anyway, what has the last 9 images done to the score board? Well, 9 images ago Kymberlie R. McGuire only had 480 points – but she’s been really really “persistent” (I think the word is) and managed to be the first person to correct guess 8 of the previous nine images: plus she picked up ten bonus points for correctly recognising a bonus round of “Knightmare” (see round 29 for details). She’s now galloping in front with a massive 1170 points (that’s worth £11.70 in real money, or a $18.73 in American dollars), ph33r_m3 still hasn’t claimed his gift voucher prize worth £5.90 (for 590 points) so they will both be receiving an email shortly.

The “missing image”? New comer “Shaun” managed to pick up 95 points by recognising image 34 as being from “Forrest Gump”, well done Shaun – now I just wish the rest of you could recognise movies as quick: Kymberlie’s going to end up costing me loads at this rate – and I’m still waiting for people to actually buy stuff from the Amazon link’s I’m placing: if you didn’t recognise the film – why not buy it? For example, last round (round 36) was “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and can be brought directly from by clicking on amazoncom:B00006FMUW or from by clicking on [Order from] . Failing that, you could always take out a low cost textads advert ($2.50 for a thousand impressions, minimum buy 250 OR $0.35 per click, minimum buy just 14): remember, the more money I have coming in, the more I can spend on prizes – and points mean prizes!

Next round coming soon…Good luck (and, for Deity and Flibblepenguin’s sake, somebody get guessing them before Kymberlie does! At least she’s getting a nice early birthday present (she’s 28 on March the 18th).

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