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Guess That Movie: XXXVI: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

March 9th, 2003

[Guess That Movie Round 36]Kymberlie R. McGuire managed to do it (picking up 100 points) yet again by correctly guessing the image from Guess That Movie 35 was taken from “The Silence Of The Lambs” [Order from] amazoncom:B00005LINB (yep, you can click on either of those links to by the movie from or respectively). In fact, buy buy buy – it’s “prize giving time” at the end of this round, and it looks like it’s going to be costing me a pretty penny once I’ve topped up the scores.

Nobody’s yet had a go at the bonus round, so here it is again, but with a reduced bonus of 15 points as I’m giving away extra clues. The aim? Be the first person to make the necessary “degrees of separation” between the actress Dervla Kirwan and the comedian Lenny Henry. Here’s the clues: Dervla was in Goodnight Sweetheart with Nicholas Lyndhurst, whilst Lenny is married to Dawn French who appears in a large number of programmes (too numerous to name) with her “comedy partner” Jennifer Saunders. Now you’ve just got to complete the connection between Nicholas and Jennifer – there’s not that many more steps to go.

Oh – and here’s round 36 (already? *shocked*) of the “Guess That Movie” game.
A: My Big Fat Greek Wedding. [Order from] amazoncom:B00006FMUW Correctly guessed by Kymberlie R. McGuire

Guess That Movie: XXXV: Silence Of The Lambs

March 9th, 2003

[Guess That Movie Round 35]Yesss! At long last, somebody has beaten Kymberlie in correctly guessing that movie! Round 34 saw newcomer “Shaun” recognising the screenshot as being taken from Forrest Gump [Order from] amazoncom:B00003CXA2 before Kymberlie did! I was beginning to get worried that Kymberlie was the only player 🙂

I’m just about to try and go to sleep now (drinking a pint of “simulation drink” packed with caffeine was a bad idea), but see how well you go at recognising this shot of somebody’s back. It should be reasonably difficult, but it was a popular movie a few years ago (I’m not saying how many though) so it should still be recognisable.

Oh – and I’m giving an extra 25 points away to the first person to make the necessary “degrees of separation” between the actress Dervla Kirwan and the comedian Lenny Henry. To start you off, Dervla starred in “Goodnight Sweetheart” and Lenny’s married to Dawn French – but can you complete the connection between “Goodnight Sweetheart” and Dawn French? Remember, these bonus points are “extras” – you don’t even have to “guess that movie” to try and make the connection, but you can do if you want. I can connect them with a total of 8 people in the chain: the lowest number of people in the chain the better!

A: Silence Of The Lambs. [Order from] amazoncom:B00005LINB Correctly guessed by Kymberlie R. McGuire

Guess That Movie: XXXIV: Forrest Gump

March 8th, 2003

[Guess That Movie 34]Well, Kymberlie’s certainly taking the lead by recognising so many movies so quickly – she guessed round 33: Blade Runner amazoncom:0790729628 correctly in under ten minutes… That’ll take her up to at least 970 points once I update the high score table.

I haven’t got much time at the moment (as I’m going off to war against Baron Silas Greenback), but see if you can guess which movie this image is from…

“He’s the ace,
He’s amazing,
He’s the strongest, he’s the quickest, he’s the best.
Richy C….

He’s terrific,
He’s magnific,
He’s the greatest secret blogger in the world,
Richy C…”
A: Forrest Gump [Order from] amazoncom:B00003CXA2 . Correctly guessed by Shaun

Guess That Movie: XXXIII: Blade Runner

March 6th, 2003

[Guess That Movie Round 33]Argghhhh! Kymberlie managed to guess yet another movie correctly (this time it was round 32’s image from The Abyss [Order from] ) – I’ve just updated the high score table and she’s leaping ahead with 870 points so far! Some body stop her – pleassseee!

Somebody, anybody but Kymberlie, please recognise this image taken from a movie – just leave your name (or an alias), email address and your guess in the comments section before Kymberlie wades in with her encyclopedic knowledge of movies and guesses it. I think she’s after a much large prize (her 870 points have already earnt her a £8.70 Amazon gift voucher so far – nearly enough to buy a brand new DVD movie), but you can claim a prize too once you reach the 500 points mark. The picture starts off a 100 points so away you go!

“Richy C, C, C – Soaring through all the galaxies,
In search of Earth, flying in to the night.
Richy C, C, C – Fighting evil and tyranny,
With all his power, and with all of his might.
Richy C – no-one else can do the things you do.”
(I think I may be getting slightly megalomaniac at this point)
A: Blade Runner (The Directors Cut) [Order from] . Correctly guessed by Kymberlie R. McGuire

Guess That Movie: XXXII: The Abyss

March 6th, 2003

[Guess That Movie round 32]Kymberlie was again extremely quick off the mark and managed to correctly guess round 31 as being taken from The Fifth Element [Order from] within half an hour (giving her an extra 100 points).

In fact, she was so quick off the mark that I haven’t got time to update the high score table to reflect the previous change (nor to email Ph33r_m3 asking which Amazon store: .com,, .de etc he would like his gift voucher prize for) – but let’s see if this new image will keep you deeply guessing until this time tomorrow (when, perhaps, I might have been able to catch up with my blue email: I’m done to just 150 new emails an hour and only 3 of them are “proper” mails and not spam – but we’ll sea).

Richy gave a big yawn, and settled down to sleep
And, of course, when Richy goes to sleep, all his friends go to sleep too (hint hint 🙂 )

A: The Abyss. [Order from] . Correctly guessed by Kymberlie R. McGuire

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