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  • TV: Have I Got News For You

    Friday night’s (repeated last night) episode of Have I Got News For You was the best yet since Angus Deayton was “forced to leave” after “tabloid revelations” about his personal life. Whilst I must admit I feel that people’s personal life should be personal (unless _they_ decide parts of it should be public) and whilst […]

  • TV: Wobble and Bob

    Wow! It seems Weeble and Bob (that I blogged about on the 16th) have made it to the “small screen”! Yep, MTV:UK are showing it as 5 minute shows late at night as Wobble and Bob! Why the name change? Because Hasbro own the trademark to the name “Weeble(s)” (an “egg-shaped” toy that rocks back […]

  • TV: Playing God

    “OMG!” Was my response when I saw the following news headline on BBC News: Public ‘play God’ in game show. Fortunately/unfortunately (depending on your viewpoint), it’s not quite a dramatic as it sounds. It’s not a way to raise/save money for the NHS: (the viewing public don’t get to say ‘Turn off the life-support machine”, […]