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  • Techy: Cross Browser Testing

    For a while now, I’ve been a great fan of Browser Shots to test websites in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera without having to install all of those web browsers (and previous versions) on my machine. However, it does have a snag: you can only test “static pages”: you can’t interact with the page […]

  • Techy: Test Credit and Debit Card Numbers

    I’ve been working on an e-commerce system recently (as you may have been able to guess) and to test the credit card integration side of things, I needed some test credit card details of “valid looking” card numbers… I eventually managed to gather 102 card numbers which passed validation: i.e. the Bank Identification Number [BIN] […]

  • Javascript: innerHTML, Select menu and Internet Explorer

    I’ve just had cause to pull in the contents of a SELECT menu using Javascript to help build up a webpage on the fly using the DOM. I had to do it this was a there were potentially 4,000 items for a select html menu (and so the user had to narrow it down by […]

  • Paypal Express Checkout and Recurring Payments

    Are you, like me, using Paypal Express Checkout for integration into your shopping cart/ecommerce site? Are you, like me, utilising the Paypal Subscriptions (Recurring Payments) options to set up future payments? Are you, like me, getting a blank page when you are trying to setup a Recurring payment (maybe using the PHP NVP kit) after […]

  • Internal Server – Firewall workaround needed

    At work, we’re developing something on an internal server which is behind several firewalls and routers, but we need to allow a third party website (Paypal to be exact) to be able to connect to the web server. It is nearly impossible for me to put this machine either on the public internet or make […]