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  • Techy: Create an iPhone Ringtone from your own MP3

    As you may be aware, I’ve given in to the “white side” and just switched from a Nokia 6230i to a brand new Apple iPhone 8Gb Black from o2 (whilst being disappointed that I wasn’t able to get a discount after being with them 17months on current contract and over 6 years in total). Anyway, […]

  • RISC OS: Paul Vigay found dead

    I don’t normally make postings like this, but I feel I have got to pass on the news to any old ex-RISC OS users (or any current ones) who haven’t heard the sad news yet. Paul Vigay, ex-Micronet 800 editor, researcher on Signs, general crop-circle expert, founder of Orpheus Internet, UFO expert, founder of Digital […]

  • Snippet: ClickCartPro: Extracting VAT Exempt orders

    If you are looking for a way of listing all orders in Greenbarnweb/Kryptonic’s ClickCartPro software that is exempt from European/UK VAT, then you may find the following SQL query useful: SELECT `id` , `dateday` , `datemonth` , `dateyear` , `ordertotal`, `eutaxrefundtotal` , `country` FROM `gbu0_orders` WHERE STATUS = ‘C’ AND (eutaxrefundtotal >0) ORDER BY dateyear […]

  • Techy: IE8 incompatible list: What isn’t listed?

    Zdnet has just pointed me towards Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility View List for Windows Vista which lists all the websites IE 8 is known to have problems with: and it’s extensive (see this Zdnet list for a human-readable display). I did a quick search for most of the major sites and they all seem […]

  • Dojo Javascript: Changing a FilteringSelect SELECT menu when another changes

    Here’s a bit of Dojo Javascript which will allow you to dynamically change a SELECT sub menu (technically a “FilteringSelect” menu with an id of “secondFilteringSelectId”) when the first SELECT menu is changed (another FilteringSelect menu with an id of “firstFilteringSelectId”). It uses the Dojo’s ItemFileReadStore method to fetch an ajax page (called ajax) before […]