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  • Facebook: Copyrighted Content

    I’ve just answered a post on LinkedIn where somebody asked (in the “Casual Games” discussion group): “There is a hacked flash version of one of our games listed as an application at facebook. I could not find any real support contact information at the facebook website. Just FAQs and canned responses. Do you know anybody […]

  • e-Commerce: ClickCartPro making all product ids safe

    Basically, in ClickCartPro product “identifers” can not have spaces, commas, full stops or brackets in them (basically only the letters A-z, numbers and underscores) and they have to be a maximum length (I’m not sure what the exact maximum is). If you are maintaining an “established” store (i.e. one with products) where a number of […]

  • e-Commerce: Changing the VAT Rate in ClickCartPro (UK Edition)

    If you are using the UK edition of Kryptonic’s ClickCartPro ecommerce system (sold by Greenbarn Web) and you still haven’t updated the VAT rates in it to take into account the reduction in UK VAT on the 1st of December from 17.5% to 15%, then here’s how to do it. To change the VAT rate […]

  • Techy: Rounded Corners in Adobe Photoshop

    Want to de-roughen the look of your site? Well, if you have Adobe Photoshop then you can follow the steps in this tutorial to add rounded corners to your photos to make everything that little bit more Web2.0 ish:

  • Work: Still working flat out!

    Sorry I haven’t been blogging much – the work hours at my new startup are only meant to be 9.30 to 6pm, but once you take into account 30 minute commutes and the fact we never finish at 6pm (7pm tonight) means I haven’t got much time to blog… But it’s certainly an exciting role […]