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  • New Job – and two jobs up for grabs

    Woot! I’ve secured myself a Lead PHP developer role in London which I’m absolutely ecstatic about! It does mean my short-lived contracting career is already at an end (well, at least for the foreseeable future!). More details later! However, I am aware of two other positions currently available. If you are interested in either of […]

  • Snippet: Yahoo YUI Datatable and Internet Explorer (IE)

    I must remember that if I’ve using the Yahoo! (Yahoo User Interface) Datatable and the page validates and works in Firefox, but doesn’t work in Internet Explorer (IE), then the problem is most likely caused by an additional comma at the end of an array. The YUI logger will not record any actions from that […]

  • Contracting: Finding Freelance Work

    If you are looking for freelance work (and therefore the list of work resources previously listed is not suitable), then the following sites may be useful: Get A FreelancerExample projects: EU FreelancerExample projects: ScriptlanceExample projects: Get A Coder Rent A CoderExample projects: Elance oDesk LimeExchange PeoplePerHour

  • Work: 10 Principles of the PHP Masters

    I’ve just come across 10 Principles Of The PHP Masters which has the following points (with my commentry added): 1. Use PHP Only When You Need It (Rasmus Lerdorf, creator of PHP) PHP, like Perl, Javascript, ASP, C, Ruby, Python, C++, C# etc has it’s limitations and is more suitable for some jobs than others. […]

  • Contracting: Looking for work: Unusual job sources

    I’m aware that a number of people reading this blog at the moment are looking for work – well, here’s a few resources you can try that you may not have considered: (yes, Workcircle should be paying me a small commission if you find a job through their system). Hidden Network (via Jeremy Zawodny) […]