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Game: Evil Care Bears

January 20th, 2003

[Evil Care Bears]Those lovable 1980’s fluffy Care Bears have turned evil in Care-a-Lot and have descended to earth in their Cloudmobile to extract revenge!

It’s your job to shoot as many of those obnoxious care bears as possible – yep, shoot away at Funshine Bear, Love a lot bear, Grumpy Bear and the gang. However, they do shoot back and their weapons do get stronger as each level progresses.

Can you save the earth or will it fall to the evil?

30 care bears to a level and I managed to kill 116 of the critters getting a total of 3235 points.

Game: Steak Toss

January 18th, 2003

[Steak Toss]Thanks to Firda for blogging about the nice distraction that is the Omaha Steaks Chef Toss game. Firda didn’t think much of the game (possibly because she’s got a slow computer), but I enjoyed it.

You control the “Big Bruce, King of the Grill” at a steak cook off and you have just got to click on the guests to make him flip burgers, steaks, t-bones and filets into their mouths. Of course, you’ve got obstacles like animals popping up which should not be fed: but once you’ve got into the habit of “clicking on anything that moves”, then the critters get fed – more than 3 critters fed and the game is over.

Easy? Well, wait until you get to level 10 and beyond – on every level the characters appear and disappear faster than on the previous level, so once you get to level 10 it’s quite difficult to even move the mouse pointer to them before they’ve disappeared. I still managed to get half way through round/level 13 with a score of 17,675 though.

Game: Candy Cruncher

January 17th, 2003

[Candy Cruncher]Have you got a sweet tooth (check 😉 ) and a craving for strange sweets/candys? Well, the people over at Shockwave have made a little game called Candy Cruncher where you’ve just got to make straight lines composed of sweets/candys.

Just click on a candy to move it into the empty space and then shuffle the sweets around to make the lines (you can move multiple sweets at a time). Be ware of the rotten black jelly beans that can’t be moved…

Level 8 with a score of 1,431,860 was my final score (the level comprising mainly of me muttering to myself “What the h–ll am I doing? I should be moving that sweet!”

(Off topic: Why have the Americans insisted on calling sweets “candy”? My guess is they are just trying to slowly evolve a language of their own so they can stop calling it ‘English’ and then bring out a movie about how Americans invented the language and everyone else borrowed it *cough* U-571 first-plane-flight… *cough*)

Game: Noah’s Ark

January 16th, 2003

[Noahs Ark]I’ve just spent a quarter of a hour (or is it quarter of _an_ hour?) playing PopCap’s flash game Noah’s Ark. Just pair the animals up two by two to get them on the ark. If you can do sequences (for example 3 lots of pigs) you get a bonuses. Oh – there is a time limit: you’ve got to get all the animals in the ark before the water level rises too high.

My score was 30,584 which meant I saved 730 animals (creating 66 “combos” along the way – my biggest combo was 11 in a sequence) in 12minutes 34 seconds. My rank? Erm, the slightly Adult sounding “Meat Packer”…

Games: Mystery of Time And Space: Solution Part II

January 13th, 2003

[Mystery of Time And Space]As promised, here are hints and tips and the complete walkthru/walkthrough solution to levels 5 to 8 (inclusive) of the fun and enjoyable Mystery of Time and Space adventure game. Hints and solutions to levels 1 thru 4 can be found in my previous blog entry.

Hints for Level 5

  • Find out what is hidden behind all things.
  • Sort out all things that stick out like a sore thumb.
  • Keep yourself very well connected.

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