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Category: Net: Games

Game: Radial Pong

Sigh, I remember playing Pong with the old Paddle-style joysticks on a video games system when I was just a wee kid. And now Firda has blogged about the Java Radial Pong game. Instead of the bats being straight, vertical and facing each other on opposite sides of the screen, they are curved and can travel all the way round in a circle. So instead of having to cover a straight line (where the ball could bounce out), you’ve now got to cover 360 degrees. *gulp*

Game: Fly the Copter

There’s a fun little game on the website of SeeThru (a sort of ‘tie-in’ with the BBC 2 quite enjoyable, fun and interestingAttachments – see Digiguide information for a bit more info).

Anyways… in the Flash game, you have just got to Fly The Copter. Clicking and holding the left mouse button gives you elevation, not holding it leaves gravity to pull you down. I managed to score 839 – how about you?

Game: Fling that Cow!

Cow Flinging is such fun! Just click on the catapulte to fire your cow towards to bulls-eye. The closer you get to the centre, the more points (up to fifty) you get. After several goes, I managed to score a massive 390 (out of 500). Until I worked out that you need to release the cow after around 4 seconds (it doesn’t seem too static) I wasn’t doing too well.

Game: Toss that Spear!

There’s a fun little game called Spear Toss where you control a little, erm, caveman I think. Just load your Flash enabled browser, click to start running, click to pull back the spear, and finally click again to release the spear (before the two stones which mark the end of the ‘runway’ though, or else it’s a foul). I’ve managed 512.711feet so far.

Game: Fly that paper plane!

The Paper Airplane Flight Simulator was blog’d (blogged?) about by Firda on the 24th of October, but I wanna blog about it now 🙂

Basically, you control a paper plane by settings it’s angle, thrust and ‘elevator’ and see how far it can fly, how high and how many loops/revolutions it can do.

I’ve just managed a distance of 190ft, maximum altitude of 43.25ft, 0.15revolutions and 50.35seconds in the air. Ok, I cheated. I was constantly changing the angle of the plane whilst it was in flight (trying to keep it on a straight line instead of going down).