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Games: Bombing Bush

March 9th, 2003

[Bomb Bush]Yep, at long last I’m blogging about another game! Yippee! In fact, it’s been a whole month since I last blogged about a game (Grid Lock) and I’ll try and not make it so long again.

In George W. Bush: National Missile Defense you control Dubya and his pretty little umbrella and have just got to save the Whitehouse from a missile by bouncing it off the top of your umbrella. Use your mouse to control him and make him move left and right – but just don’t get distracted by Tony Blair popping around for a cup of tea.

60 is my highest score so far, but “allegedly” someone has managed to score 36,129 – considering the remaining of the scores top 129 I think 129 is the highest score so far.

Game: Grid Lock

February 9th, 2003

[Gridlock]“Physical, Skill, Mental or Mystery?” was the question asked by Richard O’Brien (then Edward Tudor-Pole) on the UK Channel 4 quiz show “The Crystal Maze”. Did you know that the set of that show was the size of a football pitch and that each series took five weeks to shoot, four months to edit and 14 weeks to screen?

Nope – well, that sounds like the amount of time I’m going to be playing the Mental game Gridlock – simply slide the pieces around to release the blue rectangle through the exit. No time limit or “automatic lock in” unlike the Crystal Maze (plus you can reset each level if you get really stuck) – but still extremely difficult! I’ve managed (over the past few days when I’ve actually had a spare waking moment) to get as far as level 17. Half an hour on the level and it’s still causing me difficulties! Some people have rumoured to have got up to level 40, but I think it’ll take me some time to get there.

Can you do any better (meaning I’m probably got at the moment the mental capacity of a squashed badger) or are you still Grid locked in Grid Lock?

(And, no, the game Gridlock has no resemblance to the Ben Elton book by the same name [Order from] )

Game: Barb-Jump

February 8th, 2003

[Barbed Wire Jump]I haven’t blogged about fun games for a while – mainly because I hadn’t come across any. But that’s about to change!

I’ve just recently come across Barb-Jump (originally by Netron but I can’t find it on their site anymore, that’s why I’m hosting a copy).

Basically, it’s a little Flash game where you’ve simply got the jump the barbed wire skipping rope by pressing the Space bar. Of course, if you don’t jump the rope correctly – the you start to lose limbs. Two arms and two legs later and my highest score so far has been 63 points.

Go – jump my beauties, jump!

(standard disclaimer: Do not try this at home. Richy’s Random Ramblings cannot take liability for any loss of limb, time, employment or sanity that may result in enjoyment of this game. Not for use in life-support situations. No ducks, revolving or not, were hurt during the posting of this entry. No total excessive force was too proud to be used in the creation of the fishbowl. Yadda yadda yadda)

Games: Cat-a-pult

January 29th, 2003

[Catapulting cats]Yes, I am still listing any fun games I come across on the internet here – I just haven’t found that many recently! If you come across one, please let me know so it can be announced to a wider population!

This link is NOT catlover-safe. After all, with a title of Cat-A-Pult and instructions to move the catapult/sling-shot left and right to aim, click+hold the mouse button to increase power and then release to fire and shoot the poor kitty kats through the doorways and windows isn’t exactly destined to go down well with animal rights supporters is it? Especially with the fact that if you miss the doorways and windows, the cats end up as big red blood marks on the wall!

Don’t try this at home kids! (Well, the game you can try, but don’t try it with Tiddles!)

My first time, I managed to get 500 points – then 0,0, 100, 150, 0, 0 and finally 700.

Games: PacMan

January 27th, 2003

[PacMan]Looking to relive those old 8-bit days of Pac-Man (or, if you grew up on BBC computers like me, Snapper)? Then have I got the game for you!

It’s a 3d looking version of PacMan (very reminiscent of PacMania I first saw on a friends Amiga). You use the cursor keys (the bunch of four arrows on the right of most keyboards) to control the little yellow munchy creature (who, by some strange coincidence, is also called PacMan). If you’ve never come across this classic before (where have you been?) the aim of the game is to just “eat” all the dots and avoid the ghosts. If you eat one of the big yellow “power pills” in each corner then the ghosts turn “edible” for a short time and you can eat them to get extra points – keep an eye out for the bonus fruit as well.

The game is totally Java based and so should work on any platform (happy now Ciaran? 🙂 ) and is work-safe as there is no sound. Yep – it isn’t quite perfect (I miss the munch-munch-munch sound), but at least you can have a go at beating my out-of-practise pathetic 43,320 score.

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