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Game: Desktop Tower Defense

When Jeremy Zawodny issues a warning about a game, then it is advisable to listen to him as he knows what he is talking about…. Desktop Tower Defense is an annoyingly good game! I’ve only reached sub-3000 scores so far so just one more game….

Mapping without Landmarks

After the previous post on Wikimapia, it was coincidence that I came across the BBC News’ “Landmarks Quiz”. Can you recognise 10 photographs of areas of the UK – but without the distinctive landmarks? I did quite well scoring 7 out of 10 – I would have probably scored higher if: a) I didn’t stop disbelieving my score after the 5th round (perfect score up to then) and b) if I had actually seen some of the places with or without the landmarks! How well can you do?

Games: Grow

GrowOk, by looks of things in Grow from Eyezmaze you are meant to “grow” your own little planet by adding certain items in a certain order so they trigger events…

Easy? Except you’ve got to work out the order that things trigger other things and if you don’t have an item at a certain level then things go wrong… I’ve managed to get a score of 12,300 (that’s everything at ‘Max Level’ apart from the ladder – level 1 – and the cube – level 9). Can anybody do better?

A few clues follow:

Games: Lemmings (Web Based)

LemmingsI wouldn’t have believed this if I hadn’t played it with my own hands – but “crisp” has made a DHTML version of the popular Lemmings game which means you can now play Lemmings Online (ok, you need a reasonably up to date Javascript and DHTML browser – but IE5.5 and later, Mozilla 1.3 and later and most version of Opera should support it).

It’s even got in game animations, pass codes and music (although no proper sound effects – so you’ll have to make your own “Oh no!” and “Yippee!” sound effects yourself). It’s absolutely brilliant and I just hope crisp continues to develop it as it’s amazing but still a bit short on levels (he’s converting the “real Lemmings levels” to Javascript versions so it could take a while – but he’s got 9 of the “Fun” levels, and 2 of the “Tricky” levels done).

Oh – it’s also open source (under the GPL) so if you want to see how it works, you can: you can even make your own “forked” version if you so wish!

(Link courtesy of Stupid Evil Bastard)

Games: Candy Train

Ever had a compulsion to be a train driver? How about a driver of a sweetie train (oh, if you are American, a Candy Train)? Yep, well, here’s your chance!. In a style reminiscent of the old Pipemania game, you have just got to flick the squares to join up pieces of the train track to help navigate the little choo-choo around to collect the chew-chews. Easy? Well, sort of. The tiles/squares do “change” on their own after a while, and sometime it isn’t easy to get the pieces pointing in exactly the right direction you want – and if you crash into the edge of the playzone or don’t run on the tracks the game ends… I’ve managed to get a score of 21,270 so far (it took me 27:54 minutes in “game time” and consisted of me delivering 15 train cars on 3 levels) which equals a “ticket level” of “Business Class”. Now, if only I didn’t have to get all the train cars into that d–n station… I’ll have another go and see if I can do any better…