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Game: Sonar Football

December 22nd, 2002

[Sonar Football]Well, I haven’t blogged about a game for a couple of days now (just haven’t had the time to play them), but I have been forwarded details of the Japanese Flash game Sonar Challenge where you’ve got to keep a football “in the air” by bouncing it off your mouse cursor.

It’s easyish (but I wish I could understand what the Japanese ‘commentator’ is saying), but as soon as you lose control of the ball that’s it. My highest score so far is 42 bounces (lasting 35.17seconds).

Don’t forget – if you can do better or know of any other games: let me know! 🙂

Game: Wrath II

December 17th, 2002

[Wrath II]By the same person that made “Lost Your Marbles“, there’s a largish Flash game (which includes Harvey from LYM in the loading screen) called Wrath II.

Starting off with the introduction of “And on the sixth day, God created man. By the seventh day, he’d realised his mistake. And “B—-r!” was the word.” should give you an idea of what you have to do. Still not clued up? Well, the instructions (from “Encyclopedia Satanica”) state: “What a bummer… You created mankind in your own image huh? Bit of a silly thing to do wasn’t it. So naturally, they’ve run amok, and really p—d you off, right? Sounds like punishment time”.

Yes: you finally get to play God! Starting off with just a lighting bolt, as you progress through the levels you get a Hay Bomb (a sort of time delay bomb), a flood, earthquake, “angel of death”, and a “bonzai volcano”. But it’s not so easy to kill those awkward humans, sheep and cattle. Angels, aliens and even the Lord Of Darkness – Satan himself – will try and stop you…

Game: All Look The Same?

December 16th, 2002

[All Look The Same]I’m aware of a long standing “joke” that all Chinese, Japanese and Korean people look the same. But how alike are they really?

Well, know you can find out thanks to All Look Same (and just try not to say that in an Chinese or Japanese fake accent: especially when an entry on the page starts with “Gleetings” – sorry, “Greetings”). Just pop over there and then entry the All Look Same Competition (you only need to give a username/identifier, age, country and gender: don’t bother with your email address) and you’ll be able to “guess the race” of 18 people.

I only got 3 right.

Game: Lost Your Marbles?

December 14th, 2002

[Lost your Marbles?]It’s been a long and trying year for me (so no change from usual!), in fact some bits have been so stressful and strange, that I keep on thinking that perhaps, just maybe, I have lost my marbles and I’ll start saying flibblepenguin at the end of every other paragraph…

At least I can know fight back! Using my mouse (and my spacebar to speed up the Flash game), I can now find my marbles. The first level is quite easy, but they soon get more difficult – as you’ve got a moving maze and a ‘person’ that doesn’t quite do what you want them to do – you soon loose lives if you continue to hit the walls. I’ve managed to score 6280 (level 4: The Vault) so far – can you do any better? Flibblepenguin!

Games: The Kill Everyone Project

December 11th, 2002

[The Kill Everyone Project]Continuing the ‘button’ theme from yesterday and Monday let me present the Flash The Kill Everyone Project. Basically, you’ve just got to use your mouse to click a moving red button and each time you do, it kills a ‘virtual person’. The “total population” count, however, is linked to the world population – therefore you (and other participants) have only got to “kill” 6,248,918,996 people (only 1,801,950,011 people have been killed so far).

It’s quite ‘ironic’ timing that I post this, as TKEP is currently ‘killing’ the UK population (14.29% done, only 52,735,058 people left to go). Yep – it goes in population order (smallest country first). Did you know the UK was the 20th most populated country?

I’ve managed to kill 818,886 people so far (giving me a ‘rank’ of 313 out of 27,783)… Here’s a thought for you – if this game was “real” and every-time you clicked the ‘Click here!’ button you really did kill someone (in real life) – would you press it? How about if someone paid you a million pounds and guaranteed that you could not be traced? On the one hand you could be killing a serial murderer/paedophile/spammer or you could be making several children orphans… How much is a human life worth?

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