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  • Poll: Are you a Nerd?

    According to the category description at the ODP,are “Geeks and Nerds, those misfits of society. Whatever your interest, be it coding, books, Role Playing or online gaming, there are sites out there to promote the geek lifestyle and reassure you that you aren’t alone, and you might just be cool too.“. Personally, I tend to […]

  • Poll: What Kind Of Attitude Is That?

    According to the “What the Hell Kinda Attitude is That?” quiz at AKA Cooties, I have a British attitude (which is good, as I’m largely a Brit) which can be summed up by saying “Oy! Oy! Oy! You have a British Attitude! You’re a stout-slogging, fish-battering, monarch-having, mac-wearing, pastey-white, eccles cake eater”. Well, apart from […]

  • Poll: Color Quiz

    A recent entry on KillUglyRadio pointed me towards the Color Quiz (or, as we would say here in the UK, Colour Quiz). You just select 8 squares of colours in the order that suits you – wait a couple of minutes – and then select 8 coloured squares again and then it gives you your […]

  • Poll: Which Science Fiction Writer Are You?

    Brian (of the Friday Group Therapy fame) also maintains a separate weblog in which he recently blogged about the “Which Science Fiction Writer Are You?” quiz/poll (which he got via The Gamer’s Nook) This quiz shows you which popular sci-fi author you are most like (again, no scientific evidence behind it) from the choice of: […]

  • Poll: ICQ Status

    Taking after Neil again, here’s the results of my ICQuiz (by WannabeGirl). It seems my ICQ status is ‘Away’: “I get distracted very easily. Even you can’t get my full attention.” I don’t quite agree with that statement, but I’m sure it’s not meant to be a scientific test… Oddly enough, that is the same […]