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Poll: Are You A Blogaholic?

February 11th, 2003

[Are you a Blogaholic?]Shamelessly copying Neil, I decided to take Firda’s Are You A Blogaholic? quiz/poll thing as well to see how “addicted” I am to the whole keeping a web log/blog type thing…

Low and behold – I got exactly the same results as Neil (68/100: the average is 43.3points out of a hundred). What do the results mean? Well, “68 points is in the 51 through 80 percent” range which means: “You are a dedicated weblogger. You post frequently because you enjoy weblogging a lot, yet you still manage to have a social life. You’re the best kind of weblogger. Way to go”

Cool: I agree with that (I wonder if the 171 other people that “made the same grade as me” also agree with their results). Admittedly, I haven’t had much of a social live recently (been too tired: sometimes too tired to even blog), but still… Oh FYI – the “81 through 100 percent” range means “You’re definitely a blogaholic. You dedicate most of your time to weblogging that you forget to have a social life. There’s still life outside Bloggerville, you know. Try to go out more, ‘kay?” and only 46 people got that result.

Poll: Which OS are you most like?

January 28th, 2003

[Amiga OS]Neil has just made an entry about a new Poll he’s discovered. Her name is Ingrid, she’s 5’11” tall, long blond hair, perky breasts and is willing to do nearly anything for money as long as it doesn’t cause lasting harm.

Oh – wait, the other poll. 🙂 The one where you find out Which Operating System Matches Your Personality. It decided I was the Amiga OS – “Ahead of your time” (check), “You keep a lot of balls in the air” (check – I also keep a couple elsewhere 😉 ), “If only your parents had given you more opportunities to succeed”. Hmm, maybe…

To me, that description more suits RISC OS than Amiga, but I’m probably biased.

I could have also been: Debian Linux (“People have difficulty getting to know you. Once you finally open your shell they’re apt to love you” – by the way, ‘apt’ is actually a command in Debian), FreeBSD (“You are a speed demon…well-respected, but virtually unknown”), HP-UX (“You’re still strong despite the passage of time. Though few understand you, those who do love you deeply and appreciate you”), Palm OS (“Punctual, straightforward and very useful. … you’re happy with who you are”), Slackware Linux (“…often mistake as insane. Your elegant solutions to problems often take a little longer, but require much less effort to complete”), TRSDOS (“…You feel the world has passed you by. Time has not treated you well”), Windows 2000 SP3 (“You’re a steady and reliable friend. People think you’re all business but with your recent therapy you’ve become a little more playful”) or even Windows XP (“Under your bright and cheerful exterior is a strong and stable personality. You have a tendency to do more than what is asked or even desired”).

Let’s face it – I’m more like the MCP.. (obscure reference there – who will be the first to recognise it 🙂 ).

Poll: Virgin or Whore?

January 27th, 2003

[100% virgin]Brian recently blogged about the (warning: not work safe) Virgin Or Whore? quiz.

Ok, if you are of the male gender you have got to “adapt” some of the questions and answers, but (allegedly) I’m 100% Virgin:

You Are 100% Virgin!
Well, well, well. Look who’s little Master Perfect. You’re pure and proud of it.
My advice? Grab yourself the first woman that walks past you and bang her like you’ve never dreamt you could.
You are what people like to call, “the purest of pr-ks” – although in your fantasies, you are the world’s naughtiest man!
When you finally have sex, you’ll be great at role playing, foreplay, and oral.

I’ll just say, yep I am “restrained” (I prefer the term “British” – as keeping some of the “old traditions” such as “open doors for women” is just politeness to me) but I ain’t no virgin.

Poll: What’s Your Movie Dream Car?

January 19th, 2003

[My dream car is the BatMobile]According to the What’s Your Movie Dream Car? poll I found via One Rainy Day, my movie dream car is Batman’s BatMobile as I’m “Mysterious, Dark, Spandex-Laden and really really rich”. Shall we say it’s half to three-quarters correct 😉

I was tempted to select the obvious answers to get Austin Power’s Shaguar, but I went by my ‘gut instinct’. Personally, I would have liked to get the Back To The Future DeLorean, but 🙁

Co-incidentally, I’ve just finished watching the Only Fools And Horses episode “Heroes And Villains” where Del Boy and Rodney dress up as Batman and Robin…

Poll: Which Simpson Character are you most like?

January 16th, 2003

[Moe from the Simpsons]According to the So Which Of The Simpsons Characters Are You? poll I found via Quanta, I am most like the bartender “Moe”. Allegedly, I’m “secretive and won’t hesitate to screw over people you like”.

I personally think that a combination of “You make everything you do, look easy and you’re a true child at heart” (Homer), “You are a strong believer of world peace and can achieve anything!” (Lisa) fits me better.

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