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Poll: Are You Crazy?

December 24th, 2002

[Are You Crazy?]Here’s a little quiz from those guys off at the See-Thru site again.

The Are You Crazy? quiz starts with the introduction “Let’s fact it, crazy people rock. They get all the attention, drugs, and films made about them. Not everyone’s got what it takes be a serial killer. What about you? Are you normal? Are you on the edge? Or are you full blown crazy sexy cool?” – and with question/answer combinations such as “Which of your old childhood habits do you still secretly indulge in? Killing small animals and licking their bones” and ” often hear voices telling me that they hear voices” – it’s quite an entertaining quiz!

Somehow, however, I only managed to score 110 which is “Yawn. Sorry. You’re totally sane. You’re not even anally retentive. You might as well get married, buy a house and settle into your banality right now, you boring bastard. Oh look – you already have…”

Unless, of course, I’ve a very very cunning sociopath who knows how to play the system and look perfectly normal until I strike…

Poll: What am I?

November 14th, 2002

Neil/totalxsive just posted in his blog about the GeekTest. Well, according to the site, I’m 30% Geek, 30% Goth, 50% Internet Addict, 26% Emo, 29% Ska, 17% Metal Head and 28% Tortured Artist.

Make of it what you will, but as the site says “These tests ARE NOT SCIENTIFIC MEASUREMENTS”.
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