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  • Poll: What’s your Snob Status?

    “The Edwardian era was rife with snobbery – people at the top of society could justify being 100% snobs and those at the bottom knew their place. But just how much of a snob are you?”. I’m a mere 39% of a snob – “some hope of becoming a decent human being in the near […]

  • Poll: How Dodgy Are You?

    How well do you think you know the law (mainly UK orientated law, but there is a bit of international coverage here)? Think you are definitely Heaven material and have not committed any offence in your life? Well, take a peek at the How Dodgy Are You? quiz and see “which side you sit when […]

  • Polls: Pucker Up!

    After coming across the What Sort Of Kiss Are You? quiz via Tracy (who found it via Brenda), I thought I’d see what sort of kiss I am (I personally thought I was a human, but it just goes and shows that nowadays you can’t be sure what sort of corporeal form you are!). Allegedly, […]

  • Polls: Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?

    I’ve justed taken the “Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?” which shows the “which of the ten primary personality disorders do you suffer from”. According to it, I’m an ‘avoidant’ which means: Poor baby. You’re so shy, that some of the pricks out there may mutter about your ‘retardedness’ behind your back. Yet, as pricky […]

  • Poll: Who is number one?

    No, it hasn’t got too much to do with The Prisoner , but Michele pointed me towards the What Number Are You? quiz. After confirming that I do exist, how I feel about other people and whether or not I like maths it says that: I am the number2I am friendly Hmm, yep, I would […]