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Snippet: What a waste of a domain name

September 13th, 2008 sounds a perfect job site URL – unfortunately, it’s owned by and only used by the British Board of Film Classification: who have their own website at What a waste of a high value domain name 🙁

Snippet: Object Oriented LOL

June 17th, 2008

$this->hasFlavr() ? $nom->nom('nom') : $want->doNot()

Source: QDB

Snippet: Business Cards Ordered

February 16th, 2008

Well, I’ve just placed my first order of business cards for myself via VistaPrint. I’m getting 500 business cards on 265g/m2 card with colour front, black/greyscale back and 7 days shipping for a total of £28.84 (the shipping alone was £9). I hope I manage to use them all and the business takes off!

Net: Code Snippets for web designers

May 17th, 2007

Another quick snippet for today as I’m quite busy – in fact take 25 code snippets for web designers (including Bubble Tool Tips, Box Overs, Ajax Star rating bar, CSS Star Rating Redux, Ajax Contact Form, an online form creation utility called Wufoo, Pretty Accessible Forms, Radio and Checkbox customisations, a text renderer thingy, revised image replacement, the obligatory CSS rounded corners, cool looking CSS Speech Bubbles, even more rounded corners, vertical bar graphs just using CSS and PHP (and another method), a hover light box, Lightbox JS, CSS Image Maps, CSS Image Pop-up, Sliding Doors CSS Navigation tabs, taming lists, a design experiement in the art of navigation, navigation matrix reloaded, light weight css tabs and accessible image tab roll overs.

Phew – so much for this being a snippet on its own!

Techy Snippet: MySQL Database Schema Dump

May 17th, 2007

To extract/export just the schema/design/create tables section of a MySQL table via the command line, you need to use a command such as:

mysqldump –no-data [databasename] [optional table name] -u[user name] -p > extract.sql
(enter the [username] mysql user password)

To import it again, use:

mysql -u [username] -p [databasename] < extract.sql See also: MySQL Docs: MySQLDump.

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